Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Guess who's back (...back again)

*sorry if you were expecting Shady but got me*

Oh hey, hi, long time no see? This all feels very weird and nostalgic; I feel like I'm back sitting in my uni house writing a blog post rather than writing an essay, and not in the middle of a global pandemic. Who knew this would be the time where I woke up one day and thought 'you know what, I think I want to start blogging again'. Maybe it's seeing the same four walls every day!

I started my blog way back in 2014 as I reached the end of my first year at uni (in May to be precise - maybe there's something about this time of year?). I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, that I could look back on as I got older - an online diary if you will. Included in this were lots of recipes, crafts, as well as travel posts. 4 years and 252 blog posts later, I decided that I didn't enjoy blogging anymore and just stopped. SO much had happened in those 4 years that I think my brain was still trying to catch up with, and this hobby that I had enjoyed and loved doing, just wasn't fun anymore. I was happy with what posts I had published but it felt like it was time for it to come to an end. I didn't want to delete my blog or anything as it housed a lot of memories but I posted my last blog post in December of 2018 and didn't look back.

I refer to my blog all the time for recipes and to look back at old posts (especially when they appear on my timehop), but it never crossed my mind to write another post until I woke up on Sunday and suddenly had a strong desire to start doing this again, so here I am. I have no idea why after an 18 month hiatus this has happened, but I'm happy it has! It's been a long time since I felt the enjoyment of writing a blog post so I'm pleased that this has returned. Globally this is obviously a very strange and uncertain time at the moment (and this gives me something else to do whilst at home), and personally there will be lots going on over the next couple of years that I know I'll want to look back on and document. 

I have no plans for what I'll be posting or when but for now I wanted to say hi I'm blogging again; if you're an oldie but a goldie, welcome back, and if you're a newbie, greetings! I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Jess x 

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  1. Hi from a golden oldie, nice to see you back. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to xxxx


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