Thursday, 12 July 2018

June 2018

Wowee where did June go and how are we more than half way through the year?!

1.// We went out for a curry with my parents (I am in this photo but I've been cut off by the square setting lol) where we had a giant naan and spicier than spice curry.
2.// Tom and I made the trip over to the Etihad Stadium in Manchester to see Taylor Swift - the props and special effects were really good and I managed to drive back through Snake Pass in the dark.
3.// Tom and I played mini golf before going to see the new Jurassic World film where I had my first Tango Blast (I can vouch that I will be getting one again).
4.// We went to Brodsworth Hall for the afternoon; the Hall was okay but the gardens were amaaazing and it felt like we were away in another country.
5.// Before the heatwave hit we went for a walk up on Stanage Edge - Tilly enjoyed running between the rocks and Tom and Tilly had a Simba moment (check this out on my instagram!)
6.// Many an afternoon was spent out in the garden in the sunshine with the odd nap involved.
7.// We made the trip up to Durham to see Tom's brother Lewis graduate (like our graduation it was an incredibly hot day!)
8.// Whilst in Durham and in Lewis' Department's celebratory garden party Tom's shoes fell apart.
9.// The end of the month saw Tom and I travel down to Suffolk for a holiday.

How was your June?

Jess x

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