Saturday, 9 June 2018

May 2018

1.// At the start of the month I went on holiday with Lucy to Whitby, and amongst other things we pretended to be Dracula at the Abbey.
2.// The month was filled with sunny trips to my parents house and brawls between Tilly and Max.
3.// Tom and I ventured to the Beer and Cider festival at the Students' Union where it was reaffirmed that I do not like Beer unless it's fruity.
4.// We had a heatwave on the first May bank holiday weekend and took a trip to Castleton where Tilly loved going in the stream.
5.// Whilst in Whitby I had a paddle in the sea which was freezing cold.
6.// The second bank holiday weekend saw another heatwave and my parents whacked out the BBQ which was LUSH.
7.// Because of the hot weather we took many a trip to Rivelin so Tilly could go for a dip in the weather.
8.// I finished my sixth book of 2018 and so I'm already half way through my goal of 12 books in 12 months and I'm actually on book eight at the time of writing this!
9.// All the bank holidays meant that I got to spend lots of time in the sunshine with Tom, Tilly, Max, my parents and Grandad.

How was your May?

Jess x

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