Sunday, 8 April 2018

Liz Earle 3 step routine

Do you have that product that you use, and when you run out try something new, but then always return to the old product and wonder why did I ever stop using you? For me this is definitely the Liz Earle cream cleanser. I ran out of my last bottle about a month ago and picked up a different cleanser from another brand, and although to start with I thought that it was alright, my skin soon started to become a bit blotchy (my face is quite sensitive) and get those horrible under the skin spots that come out as lumps and don't seem to go away. I went back to using Liz Earle after this occurred (questioning why I had stopped) and I thought I'd share with you what I've been using to try and help my skin get back to normality. This isn't a sponsored post - I just really love the products and I know from personal experience when your face is really sensitive it can be hard picking products to help calm this down and if products are a bit pricier you want to be sure that you're getting the results you want! 

Hot cloth cleanser - £26 for 200ml
The cleanser is a rich creamy consistency, and you massage this onto a dry face - make up included - and it does a great job of removing even the most stubborn mascara. Once you've massaged it into your skin, take one of the muslin cloths (or a flannel - either way make sure it's clean!) soak this with warm water, and wipe away the cleanser - you'll be surprised at the amount of grime and dirt that comes off your face! As most of the first cleanse is for taking off your makeup, I would always repeat with another cleanse to properly wash your face. If you're new to Liz Earle and want to give the cleanser a try, there is a smaller pump bottle that comes with two muslin cloths, but personally for length of use/cost I would always go for the bigger bottle!

Instant boost skin tonic - £15.50 for 200ml
I found that my face reacted badly to a lot of toners and they would be quite stripping on the skin, but I've found the skin tonic to add a boost of hydration, and be a nice cooling step after the hot cloth cleanser. I really like that you screw the top of the tonic to open and close, so there's no faffing about with taking a lid off and it means it is great to travel with. I put a splash of this on a cotton pad - I like to use the larger pads as I find that the larger pad means a lot more of the skin is covered when you sweep it over your face. 

Skin repair moisturiser - £21.00 for 50ml
I've definitely found that if my skin is dehydrated then the sensitivity really flares, and I've found that this moisturiser has really helped to combat this. I use the moisturiser targeted for dry/sensitive skin but there are different ones you can choose from depending on your skin type. If you're not a fan of thick creams I don't think this would be for you, but my face definitely needs it! I use this both night and day and if I have any sensitive flare ups during the day from things like central heating, I will just pop a little bit on to the area and it's instantly cooled down. 

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