Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Normally at the start of a new month I’d be making a month in photos post where I’ll look through the photos on my phone and pick out my highlights of the month. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t feel that great in January and the lack of photos from the month emphasises this. It felt like January was here for about two months and it felt like it should have been the end of the month on about the eighth. Now don’t get me wrong, nothing bad actually happened in January (aside from being struck down by a sickness bug) and actually some amazing stuff happened like Tom graduating with his Masters. I can only put the feeling down to how abysmal the weather has been as I can count on one hand how many sunny days there have been in Sheffield.

I don’t really remember being this affected by the weather as a student - I guess I was either happy as I was in holiday still, or I put any bad feelings down to exams/essays. This time last year though I really remember it hitting me in January, and I guess because it only happened once before I forgot to expect it this year. It’s incredible how much your mood can be changed by things out of your control like the weather, but I’ve definitely felt peppier on the days where the sun has been shining. On Tuesday I had the first morning walk with Tilly in a long time where I didn’t have to use a torch, the birds were out singing, and it just made me feel good. I’m hoping this is a sign that spring is somewhere on its way (although today has been a mix of sun, rain, and snow) but at least January is over and it’s lighter mornings/evenings, and sunnier days from now on. 

With this feeling I haven't felt like writing or creating any content for my blog. I hope the fact that I've actually wanted to sit down and write this post is a sign of this changing, and I think it's done me good to take a break as there's no reason to force it. I hope you've missed me and I'm looking forward to cracking on again.

Jess x 

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  1. Certainly have missed your museings!! (Is tbat actually a word 😂😂) ♥️♥️


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