Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Woweeeee! Where did 2017 go? Not going to lie, I still cannot fathom how we're closer to 2020 than 2010 - does anyone else still feel like they're living in about 2012? I've been having a read through my post rounding up 2016 and it was so lovely to read this a year later and reflect on where I was writing that post, and where I am now. With this in mind and my month in photos continuing into the new year, I thought it would be nice to sit down with a cup of tea, a chocolate orange, and go through the past year! 

01.2017// January saw me starting a new job and sporting a new lunchbox.

02.2017// I made some new best friends at work, and Tilly made some pals too.

03.2017// Tom and I went to London for the weekend which included sightseeing, museum exploring, and seeing The Phantom of the Opera.

04.2017// For a few days it felt like summer despite only being April, and we made of the most of it by going for walks and eating ice cream.

05.2017// I woke up one day and went and had a spontaneous second piercing. (My ears ended up not liking the new piercing and I've had to take it out but that's by the by).

06.2017// Tom and I went on holiday to Majorca for a week and I found my new happy place (and also vowed to always go on a sunny holiday each year).

07.2017// Wonderful times were spent in the sunshine. 

08.2017//I spent a few days with my parents and Max when they came to visit and when I went to Suffolk to visit them.

09.2017// Tom handed in his masters dissertation and joined me in the world of work.

10.2017// My birthday month arrived and Tilly loved our new duvet even more than we did.

11.2017// 1 WKD + 1 band you saw in 2010 + 1 boyfriend you went with last time = feeling 15 again.

12.2017// We took a trip away to Edinburgh before returning home for Christmas and I fell in love with this street.

2017 was the first year where I was no longer in education, and it took some getting used to. I'm a creature of routine and venturing into the unknown was a scary prospect. Looking back on this year I can honestly say that this year has been one of the best personally, and I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings. I loved looking back through my pictures of the last year to choose one from each month and I'd suggest you do the same as it's only when you sit down and visually see the last year that you realise just how much has happened! I wish you all the happiness for 2018 and a massive thank you for your continued support.

Jess x 


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  1. Loved looking back over the year with you ♥️♥️♥️♥️


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