Saturday, 16 December 2017

Christmas Shoeboxes

I feel incredibly lucky that Christmas has always been a happy time for me and not a time of worry or stress, as I know that this is not the reality for a lot of people around the world. I was at the Student's Union the other day and I saw that they're collecting shoeboxes for the homeless in the area and I thought this was a really good idea and one that I wanted to get involved in. Previously I've made a shoebox for someone in need in another country, and I'm happy that this format has become local to my community. They had separate lists dependent on who would be receiving the box, which was helpful as sometimes what you want to donate isn't always what is required, and so I knew that what I chose from the list would be much appreciated.

I chose to make a box for a dog, which included:
- Christmas Dinner selection food trays
- Two Jumbone chews
- A pack of Dentastix
- A pack of poo bags
- A rope toy

I don't know if this is something that's nation-wide, but I'd have a look on google to see if there's any charities collecting shoeboxes nearby. There's loads of other ways you can get involved aside from making a shoebox, such as donating to a foodbank, donating your time, or having a big clear out before Christmas and taking any unwanted items to a local charity shop.

Christmas has always been my most favourite time of the year, and if I can do something to make someone else's Christmas an enjoyable one then I'm all for that. A bit of time and effort on your part can make a massive impact on someone else. It would be great if you could leave other ideas in the comments so that I, and everyone reading this post, can get involved in one way or another.

Jess x 

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  1. That is such a brilliant idea ♥️♥️ Could donate some wrapped toys to an animal shelter xxxx


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