Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Month in Photos | September

Woweeee! September has been and gone, October is here, my birthday is coming up and autumn has well and truly arrived. The end of a month can only mean one thing; a month in photos post!

1.// Tom started a new job which means I can see him at lunchtimes! 2.// We made our first roast of autumn and I'm very glad roast season is here 3.// After a slug invasion Tilly has moved to sleeping under our bed but one night she tried to claim my pillow 4.// The weather has been all over the place but it made a nice rainbow on Tilly's walk 5.// Autumn has well and truly arrived and that's fine with me as it's my favourite season, but if my cold could leave that would be grand 6.// The Student's Union has got a Krispy Kreme stand which could be my downfall 7.// Tom, Adam and I went mini golfing and I won both courses and made it onto the leaderboard as Jessica 'Kean' 8.// Tilly had her haircut so she's all schnauzery again although it made her grumpy for a while 9.// I popped that IKEA cherry and finally got to go to one - it's quite a unique place isn't it?

What did you get up to in September?

Jess x

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