Tuesday, 22 August 2017

National Trust Lyme

 Waaaaaaay back in September last year, Tom and I took a trip to Hardwick Hall after my parents sent Tom and I a free pass to go to a National Trust property. After this trip, we decided to buy a young persons membership each as it was around £30 and had we not had the free pass, our trip to Hardwick Hall would have cost about £20 so we knew we'd make our money back in no time.
 Recently we took a trip to visit Lyme - I thought my parents had gone there when they came to look after Tilly whilst we were in London but I found out afterwards it was actually somewhere else lols. Lyme is near to the Manchester area which meant that we got to drive across the north of the peaks to get there which was a wonderful way to go!
 It was a beautiful day, and the garden was especially gorgeous - as a child I always preferred the property side of places like this and used to get bored walking around the garden, but I've found that I've actually really grown to love looking around the garden - especially when it's such a glorious day outside.
 After having had weekends back to myself (and tom will soon will as well!) I love to be able to go to places like this for a day out and to get out of the house and explore somewhere new. I'm quite lucky in that there's so many places to explore nearby - other National Trust places, or going out into the peaks. I'd like to be able to go further afield out to the Yorkshire moors but this might need to be as a weekend away!

Jess x

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  1. Looks wonderful and glorious gardens. Nice place to visit each season to see the changes in the garden xxxx


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