Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Third Blogiversary

I can't believe it - my little blog is three years old today! Exactly three years ago I posted my very first blog post 'The One Where it All Begins' and a lot has changed in the past three years. Before I started my blog I had followed various content creators through blogs and YouTube for a few years. Blogging and YouTube were getting more and more popular before I started, and it's just blown up since. Everyone and their dog seem to have a social media account (would you believe how many people's dogs have their own instagram account?) which is amazing as you can connect with people (and dogs - okay I'll stop now lols) from all walks of life and create friendships with people from all around the world. People have been able to create full time jobs out of creating content which no one really saw coming, and I don't know if it will continue expand or whether there will ever be an eventual end point?

In my first post I said that I wanted to document different aspects of my life and I think that I have managed to fulfil this and will continue to do so! My blog has definitely changed and grown with me which I'm happy with and I definitely want to get back into creating content for you more regularly. I know that at one stage I was really on it and would post twice a week without fail (maybe because it was a distraction from uni work?) and this then slipped with starting my final semester of third year. From there a lot was going on personally with moving and finishing uni that my blog was sidetracked. I then started blogging again and wanted to do it on a ad-hoc basis when I felt like it, but I think now a year on since my final semester, I miss the regularity of content and I miss being excited about finding things to blog about. I'm hoping this realisation will get my butt into gear to start posting regularly again and be excited about the content I'm producing; both in the present and when I look back on it in the future.

Here's to my blog's third birthday, and producing more fab content.

Jess x


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  1. I think, like holidays, unless you set dates time whooshes by and before you know about it another year has gone by. Interested to see what you will be blogging about Xxxx


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