Sunday, 18 December 2016


 Home is a funny word, just looking on google the definition 'a place where one resides permanently' comes up. Where you permanently live changes when you move to uni and you start to receive post to two places, and you suddenly reside in two different areas throughout the year. For me, Sheffield started to feel like 'home' as I came to the end of my first year, and more so as I returned after the summer and started my second year. 
 I never moved house as a child, and I always hated the idea of moving and someone else living in 'my room'. In fact, the first time that I moved anywhere was when I moved to Sheffield for uni.
 What sparked this somewhat deep thinking, is that this week I've spoken to a lot of people, who, when the conversation of 'when are you going home for Christmas' comes up and it gets round to me, I'm met with genuine surprise that Tom and I are spending Christmas alone together (with Tilly of course!) in Sheffield. I've spoken with Tom about this and he's experienced similar conversations and reactions.
 I think the fact that we're living in our 'student city' can be confusing, as I wouldn't and didn't stay here for Christmas whilst living in a student house, but I've found a home that I love equally as much as Suffolk so why would I not be staying here?
 I'm so excited to spend Christmas here and spend the actual day with Tom (this will be our sixth Christmas together as a couple!) and begin new traditions our own way. Of course we'll be visiting family over the festive period, but I look forward to chilling out for the weekend after finishing at work and spending this time with Tom and Tilly.
 Every time I hear somewhere from Suffolk mentioned on the tv, I have a little woop, and it can get confusing when I refer to 'home' as I meant two separate places that are together on the same level. I feel so grateful and lucky that I can call two places home.

Jess x 

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  1. Awww....., as a child, you wanted two homes as some of your friends did. Your wish has come true!!! Love you lots 😘😘😘😘


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