Monday, 24 October 2016

Turning 22

Today's post was supposed to be a recipe for Halloween biscuits (don't worry this will be going up later in the week) but if you didn't know, tomorrow, at about 03:15 on the 25th October 2016, I will be turning 22. Now I know what you're thinking, 22 isn't a 'big' birthday and only seems to have become more noted because of the Taylor Swift song 22 (which I assure you I will be blasting out tomorrow), but on the bus to work at 8am this morning (all the joys) I found myself contemplating my year of being 21, and how actually a hell of a lot happened within that year. 
 21 is seen as one of the 'big' birthdays, and personally I never understood why until my final hours of being 21. This time last year I was a few weeks into my final year of University, spending my time in the library and happily reading Jane Austen. I was living in a house with four boys (which although I only left a few months ago seems like such a long time ago) and I was a student. Now here I am on my way to my seventh week at work, having graduated in July and *finally* be living with Tilly, and sharing a house with Tom. I get to spend evening and weekends how I want to and not have to do work outside of the workplace and can complain about how expensive council tax is (there are pros and cons to 'adult' life I'll admit). Although I haven't been a student for the last four, nearly five months, I still had the connection to my student self through still being the same age, but now on my final day of being 21, I feel like I'm leaving it all behind. I think I've now got the point where that's fine and the though doesn't terrify me, because over the past year I've accomplished so much that I know, whatever I happen to do whilst I'm 22, I've got it covered.

21 was a big year for me. I hope 22 is just as full. 

Jess x


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  1. You are like Mary Poppins, almost perfect in everyway xxxx


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