Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Exploring the Peak District: Castleton

 Hello there! A couple of weeks ago my parents came up north and spent a few days out in Castleton, which meant that I was able to drive out and see them for the week, and explore the area a bit more. I had driven through Castleton to get to Mam Tor, and had previously visited it as a child on holiday, but as I hadn't been back for a few years it was lovely exploring what it had to offer. As Tilly had come on holiday too, we did a lot of walking, and we were oh so lucky with the weather! As my trips posts always go down well, and I love reading other people's posts about the trips they've been on as it normally means I add yet another place I want to visit to my list, I thought I'd share with you some photos of our walks so that you might one day visit the Castleton area yourself!

I love that despite living in the big city of Sheffield, you can get out into the Peak District in 10 minutes by car. Especially now that Tilly is moving up north in a few days (I'm beyond excited!) I'm looking forward to exploring what other nearby areas, and having the time to explore less touristy places. After going on holiday to the Peak District as a child, I knew that I wanted to live there, and I'm so happy that in part this has come true. I hope that if you haven't been before, that you'll love the Peak District as much as I do.

Have you been to the Peak District before? What are some of your favourite places to explore there?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. One of my favourite areas of the UK, if it only had a coastline it would be perfect!!!


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