Wednesday, 1 June 2016

DIY Marbled Clay Dishes

 Hello there! Today I am back with another crafty DIY. I will share with you how to create these super easy and cute marbled clay dishes!

You will need:
-soft oven bake clay in white, one or two lighter shades of choice, and two or three deeper coloured shades
-greaseproof paper to protect surface
-ramekin or dish that is oven-proof
-knife to cut clay
-rolling pin (I used a washed out glass bottle to roll as I didn't have an old rolling pin that could be used on clay as I still want to use my rolling pin for food!)
-acrylic paint for the edge of the bowl (optional)

 Lay out a sheet of greaseproof paper onto your surface to protect it from the dye of the clay.

 Starting with your clay, it will depend on how big you want to make your dish as to how much clay you cut, but be sure to have more of the white and the lighter shades than the deeper ones.

 Roll each piece of clay into a long sausage shape and line them up together.

 You now need to take all of your sausage pieces of clay and twist them together. 

 Fold your twisted pieces of clay, and twist this together. Roll out into a sausage shape again and repeat. The more you twist together the more marbled the bowl will become. 

 Once you are happy with how marbled the clay looks, twist the clay into a snail shell shape.

 Start to roll out your clay, and once you have rolled it out so that you can see the marbled pattern, pick your favourite side and continue to roll on the other side. This is because your favourite side will become the middle of the dish, and I found that using a bottle could leave a few marks (which could be hidden by gently pressing the clay with your finger) and I would rather have a couple of marks on the outside than the inside!

 Once you have rolled out the clay so that it's about 1cm thick, you are ready to shape it into your oven-proof ramekin or bowl! I picked up my ramekins from Tesco for about £1.50 each. It's up to you which way you want to mould your bowl, if you are after a smaller dish then you can lay the clay over the bottom of your ramekin (this is what I did for the pinker dish), if you want one that has more crimped lines then you can pinch the clay within the ramekin (the one that I have shown you how to create), or if you want a wider dish you can lay it over the top of the ramekin and pinch it a small amount (this is what I did for the green dish). Lay your favourite side so that it is facing you if you decide to put it in the ramekin, but if you want to bake a smaller one using the bottom, lay your favourite side on the bottom on the ramekin so that the other side faces you.
 The time for baking and the temperature depends on which brand of clay you buy, so be sure to check the instructions for it! My clay was by fimo and took 30 minutes to bake in a 110°C.

 Once your dish has baked, take it out of the oven and allow to cool in the ramekin until it is only warm to touch, and then carefully take it out and put on a plate to completely cool. Be sure to not take the dish out of the ramekin straight after you've taken them out of the oven because you need them to set within their shape.
 Once the dish has completely cooled, you can either like it is (I did for the green one) or you can paint the edge with some acrylic paint. I gold as I thought that this went nicely with my chosen colours of clay, but it's completely up to you which colour you want to use. You might want to paint more than one layer depending on how deep a colour your first layer produces.

 These were really easy and fun to make, and I even managed to get Tom to make himself one! Depending on the size of the dish, these would be great for jewellery, loose change, or even keys. I can't wait to put one of these on my bedside table once Tom and I have moved! As always, if you recreate this please let me know!

Love Jess xxx


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