Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Exploring the Peak District: Castleton

 Hello there! A couple of weeks ago my parents came up north and spent a few days out in Castleton, which meant that I was able to drive out and see them for the week, and explore the area a bit more. I had driven through Castleton to get to Mam Tor, and had previously visited it as a child on holiday, but as I hadn't been back for a few years it was lovely exploring what it had to offer. As Tilly had come on holiday too, we did a lot of walking, and we were oh so lucky with the weather! As my trips posts always go down well, and I love reading other people's posts about the trips they've been on as it normally means I add yet another place I want to visit to my list, I thought I'd share with you some photos of our walks so that you might one day visit the Castleton area yourself!


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Salmon and Cream Cheese Slice

 Hello there! It's been a while since my last cooking post, so I thought I would share with you a recipe  for a meal that I've been having a lot lately. I saw a video on facebook on how to create salmon wellington, and took this as the basis of my recipe, but used my own variant of ingredients. 

You will need:
-half a pack of ready made puff pastry (you can make your own but I find with puff pastry it's always easier to buy the ready made stuff! With the other half of the pack I made some sausage rolls)
-salmon fillet de-skinned 
-cream cheese of choice (I use Philadelphia)
-green pesto 
-lemon juice
-basil purée (optional)


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

DIY Marbled Clay Dishes

 Hello there! Today I am back with another crafty DIY. I will share with you how to create these super easy and cute marbled clay dishes!

You will need:
-soft oven bake clay in white, one or two lighter shades of choice, and two or three deeper coloured shades
-greaseproof paper to protect surface
-ramekin or dish that is oven-proof
-knife to cut clay
-rolling pin (I used a washed out glass bottle to roll as I didn't have an old rolling pin that could be used on clay as I still want to use my rolling pin for food!)
-acrylic paint for the edge of the bowl (optional)

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