Thursday, 26 May 2016

I've finished University! (Can I get a whoop whoop?)

 Hello there! Wow it feels so long since I have said that, it's like on Animal Crossing when you talk to a villager and they say "I haven't seen you for 6 months, I thought you moved away!". Okay so it hasn't been six months since I last posted but it's been a good few weeks. Essentially ever since the Easter holidays finished, University work took over and I simply didn't have time to write a post that was of a good quality. But, as I'm now writing (and as you can tell from the title) I have finished University! On Monday I handed in my last ever essay, and I'm now freeeeeeeee. I don't think it'll really hit that I've actually finished-finished as opposed to finishing the year and then coming back, until Tom goes back in September for his masters and I don't join him. 
So what have I been up to?

The middle of April saw the return of varsity. You may remember that I went to the ice hockey last year, and this year we were a lot closer to the action! (including a few fights between players). Our varsity is between The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, and despite losing the ice hockey we won varsity! I say we, but you should know by now, that my participation in sport is lacking. I didn't drive to the arena as I didn't know how busy the car park would be, and after getting a packed tram and seeing an empty car park at the end, I definitely made the wrong decision - if we go again next year I'll definitely be driving there. Although I don't really know anything about ice hockey, it was a really fun evening and I want to go back sometime to watch the Sheffield Steelers play!

April also saw Tom's birthday come around! After a trip to Tesco in the morning (it's so much easier now I have a car) I took Tom to the centertainment complex on the way to meadowhall, where we went bowling, played some mini golf and ended up at the place we never (read that as always) go to: Prezzos. The last time Tom and I went bowling was before we went to University, and after paying for three games so that one of us would win, we each won a game and somehow drew the last one (I don't really know how that was possible). This time around Tom won, although I did manage to score over 100 twice! As we had some time spare before our meal we decided to go for a round of mini golf. I think this was the fourth time that we have played mini golf at Paradise Island, and after never scoring a hole-in-one, I managed to score two! Mini golf is such a fun thing to do both as a date or with friends, so if there's a course near you I would definitely recommend you take a trip and have a game! 

A big part of the last year has been researching and writing my dissertation, and at the beginning of the month I finally handed it in! I found my dissertation topic really interesting and I'm proud of myself for the amount of time and effort spent over it considering I volunteered to take one, and it'll be weird to not have to read up on my topic anymore. Even though it was a lot of words and time, I enjoyed the experience and am glad that I decided to take one. If you have the option to write a dissertation and are unsure, I would definitely consider writing one. If you're unsure on what you would write about have a chat to tutors as I always thought that I would write one on Thomas Hardy and ended up writing about the Holocaust. Also, what your initial idea is and the end product are completely different so there's lots of room to be creative and change your mind!

 The end of the academic year saw the annual english society ball come around. We went in first year and missed it out last year, but thought we of course had to go this year as it is our last! It was such a fun evening and my highlight has to be the fact that the live band played the theme to School of Rock which is one of my favourite films. I love having an excuse to dress up and I absolutely love my dress from Topshop. I'm hoping I can find something just as pretty for when I graduate in July!
 This past semester (and my degree as a whole) has gone so quickly, and I'll write a more in-depth post about my whole degree soon, but I wanted to write this post to let you know that a) I am still here in the blogosphere, and b) to see how you have all been! So what have you been up to recently? Let me know in the comments!

Love Jess xxx

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