Thursday, 26 May 2016

I've finished University! (Can I get a whoop whoop?)

 Hello there! Wow it feels so long since I have said that, it's like on Animal Crossing when you talk to a villager and they say "I haven't seen you for 6 months, I thought you moved away!". Okay so it hasn't been six months since I last posted but it's been a good few weeks. Essentially ever since the Easter holidays finished, University work took over and I simply didn't have time to write a post that was of a good quality. But, as I'm now writing (and as you can tell from the title) I have finished University! On Monday I handed in my last ever essay, and I'm now freeeeeeeee. I don't think it'll really hit that I've actually finished-finished as opposed to finishing the year and then coming back, until Tom goes back in September for his masters and I don't join him. 
So what have I been up to?

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