Monday, 11 April 2016

Exploring the Peak District: Derwent Reservoir and Mam Tor

 Hello there! As I've now got a car in Sheffield, Tom and I have been making the most of it and taking trips out into the Peak District as it's only a 10 minute drive away! Last week we took a trip to Derwent Reservoir, and yesterday we went through Castleton and climbed Mam Tor. I have visited both of these previously as a child on holiday in Derbyshire, and I'm looking forward to revisiting old places and exploring new ones. I took a lot of photos on both trips and I thought you might like to take a virtual tour and hopefully visit them in person one day!

Derwent Reservoir 

After parking and having a walk around the Dam, we decided to try and walk up to the Howden Reservoir, unfortunately it was one of those optical illusions that made it look a lot closer than what it was, so we didn't end up making it all the way but will definitely be returning another day to try and complete the walk!

This is the Howden reservoir dam that looked deceptively close!

Mam Tor

 After driving up the really steep road on which we were stopped by a sheep standing in the middle of the road and not wanting to move, we parked at the bottom of Mam Tor before walking up the paved path towards the top. 

 Although I love being in Sheffield driving out to the Peak District made me realise how much I miss the countryside when I'm here! Now that I have my car I'm really looking forward to exploring other places nearby and in the Peak District. Going for a walk is really calming (I never thought I would be someone who would enjoy a walk, I was definitely never that type as a child!) and I'm really excited for all the places we can take Tilly to for long walks in the summer!
 What are some of your favourite places to go for a walk? If you've been to the Peak District where would you recommend for Tom and I to take a trip to?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. See Jess all those walks we took you on obviously made a good impression Xxxx You are so lucky to live on the edge of the Peak District. So many new walks to discover xxxx


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