Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cuppa Catch Up March

 Hello there! How are you? I can't believe that it's already time for a monthly cuppa catch up. If this is new to you- simply grab a cup of tea (or beverage of choice) and let's have a catch up! March has flown by, somehow I'm now in the last week of the Easter holidays, and pretty soon I'll be returning to uni for my last ever term. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I was nearly finishing first year, and now here we are 2 years later! 
 Spring *finally* seems to have sprung, and its been making Sheffield look even more beautiful. In February I started a work experience placement which I have been completing once a week, and I love being able to walk through the park to get to work- it's been making the early mornings worthwhile!

 In the middle of the month I, along with a big group of people, went to Akbar's in the city to celebrate Reesha's birthday. I had never been here before, and after a speed walk down owing to the bus not coming, I along with everyone else had a lovely time! I wish I had taken a photo of them now, but the naan breads came out on a pole and were the size of someone's torso- I have never seen a naan that size before!

 The end of the month saw a return to the Suffolk, and the final train from Sheffield to Norwich that we'll have to get! This is because whilst I was at home, I picked up my first car (I love it) and so I braved the drive back to Sheffield with Tom. I was really nervous about driving back, as the furthest I had driven before time-wise was just over an hour away, and this drive took over 4! Aside from the satnav unexpectedly saying 'go left and join the motorway', it all went smoothly! 
 Whilst I was at home, I of course spent a lot of time with Tilly. Sadly in March our family dog Mitzi had to be put to sleep, and so a lot of my time at home was spent cuddling Tilly and my parents. For a trip out in my car, my mum and I took Tilly to Dunwich for a walk on the beach, which if you missed I have written a post all about! As well as taking her to the beach, I took Tilly to my friend Ned's house to go out for a walk with his family dog Phoebe. She's so well behaved in the car, so I look forward to all the places that we'll be able to visit with her once she comes to Sheffield! 

An old photo of when we took both doggies to the beach!

 Whilst at home I got to see a lot of friends and family which was lovely. With my grandad, my parents and Tom, I got to go to my favourite Indian restaurant in Beccles, and of course I had my usual Korma. We took a trip down to see my grandparents which was a good test run for the roads back to Sheffield, and I almost had to do an emergency stop on the way home because of a pheasant (how countrysidey). I took a trip to Jesters for lunch with some friends (those of you who have been readers for a long time may remember my previous trips to Jesters!). On Easter Sunday I went out for lunch with Kirstie and her family at Dunston Hall, so it was lovely to be able to catch up with a lot of people whilst I was at home. As well as catching up with friends and family, I got to catch up with bunny cuddles! 

Bunny cuddles
 It was so nice to have a break at home and to not have to think about work for a while. Of course now that I am back in Sheffield this is no longer the case! On Sunday Reesha and I took a trip to a cafe that we hadn't been to before, and had a wonderful lunch and catch up, and as you can see the sun was streaming in through the window!

 I'm looking to forward to lots of things in Sheffield; we're going to the Varsity ice hockey match between Hallam and Uni of, Tom's brother and mum are coming for a visit, it's Tilly's and my mum's birthday, as well as Tom and his brother's! How was your March? And what are you looking forward to in April?

Love Jess xxx

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