Sunday, 31 January 2016


 Hello there! Tom and I have just returned from a mid-week getaway to Lincoln. I love being able to go away and explore different parts of the UK, and so for Tom's Christmas present I booked a trip away to Lincoln after our assessments/exams were over! Neither of us had ever been before, so we didn't really know what to expect. I love looking back over my trip posts, and I love reading travel posts and adding places to the list of  where I want to visit, so I thought I would share our trip with you!
 On arriving in Lincoln we made our way to the Premier Inn and it was so close to everything! After checking in and putting our stuff away in our room, we made our way into the centre and ended up having tea and cake at Stokes Cafe. This is in such a lovely old building! After having a walk around the centre and the river, we ended up in Prezzos down by the riverside for tea.

On Friday we had the whole day in Lincoln. To start the day we went to 'Thomas 2' which was opposite the hotel for breakfast. I don't know what the 2 was for and I think they should give discounts to people who are named Thomas, but the breakfast we had was really lovely as it was freshly made for us. Tom went for the full english and I had fried eggs and sausages on potato waffles. I'm not used to eating so much for breakfast so I was well and truly stuffed on leaving!
 After we had finished breakfast we made our way up through the centre to the Cathedral and the Castle. I thought Lincoln was meant to be flat but there was such a big hill to climb! The area up to the Cathedral and the Castle was full of cobbled streets and cute little cafes. This reminded me of York and I preferred this area to the more modern area down by the river.
 We went to the Cathedral and I was surprised that Tom agreed to a roof tour as he's not a fan of heights! We paid to explore the inside of the Cathedral and included in this was a tour of the floor. Both of the tours were really interesting and I'm very proud of Tom for conquering his fear! You can have a tour of the tower in the summer months so we may have to return to do this. I don't mind going up high as long as there's a barrier, but I really don't like having to go down the steep steps and so I may have held up everyone in the tour! In between the tours we visited a cafe where Tom had his lunch but I was still stuffed from breakfast so stuck with a tea.

 We were going to go to the Castle afterwards, but we didn't have time in the end. Instead we just walked inside the Castle walls before going to a different cafe for cake! After having so many trips with Tom I've finally got him into the routine of wanting to stop late afternoon for a slice of cake. There were so many cafes on the aptly named 'steep hill' so it was hard to choose between them all!

Tom and I both really enjoyed our trip away as we got to explore somewhere new and have a proper break from work. Although I wouldn't say no to a trip away abroad to somewhere hot and sunny, I do enjoy exploring areas around the UK! I don't know whether we would return to Lincoln again now we've been there, but I would definitely recommend a trip if you haven't been before. Is there somewhere in the UK that you really like going to and would recommend a trip to?

Love Jess xxx



  1. Great photos, looks like you had a good time, I would like to visit Dundee, looked very interesting from the brief sto we had on the riverside last time we were in Scotland ....and I love the cake!!! Xxxx

    1. I would love to explore more places in Scotland! Might have to soon :) xxx

  2. Hey, it's Somdyuti. Stopping by from last night's #bookbloggers chat. Lincoln looks like such a wonderful place. LOVE the photos. Is that a church you visited? The interior is beautiful! <3

    P.S Following you on Bloglovin and Instagram now. YAY.

    - Somdyuti | One Tiny Wish

    1. Hi Somdyuti! Yes it was Lincoln Cathedral that we visited! It was a lovely place, I would recommend a trip :) xx


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