Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fortnightly Catch Up #15

 Hello there! And welcome to the first fortnightly catch up post of 2016. It's weird to think how two weeks are able to span into two years! These two weeks just seem to have flown by, two weeks ago yesterday I went back to Suffolk for Christmas, and now I'm back in Sheffield! 
 The majority of my time has been spent cuddling Tilly and catching up with family. I'm now having to get back into the mindset of doing work and I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that. It's been so lovely to have a break and chill out, and I'm hoping I'll be able to have another bit of a break once my essays are in and I've completed my exam as I'll have a couple of weeks before second semester starts. 

 This fortnight was filled with A LOT of food. Kicking off the mass eating was a pub lunch at The Artichoke pub with my parents, grandad and Tom. My grandad always takes us out for a meal right before Christmas, and so it was lovely to keep up with this tradition and to get even more into the festive spirit.

  As we were back home Tom stayed at his mum's, and so I went round so that we could wrap the gifts for his family and I was able to meet his mum's new dog Marley. We've always had small dogs in our family and after seeing him Tilly seems so tiny. He's lovely and I'll have to take Tilly down to meet him when I'm next back at Easter!

  Speaking of Tilly she wasn't the best help when I was trying to wrap presents. I had my door open so that she could come in, but so I could keep an eye on her I blocked off the way to the other side of my room with my big soft toy dog. She tried her best to get it to move by biting its nose and head-butting it, and in the end resorted to sitting by the door and barking at it. I'm not sure if she thought it was real and so would move out the way, but she really wasn't impressed when it just stayed there!

 Of course one of the big things to happen this fortnight was Christmas day! I always really enjoy all the build up throughout December, and the day always comes around too quickly! We all had a lovely day filled with food and I hope you all did too. I actually had two Christmases because I went to celebrate with Tom at his mum's the Monday after so Christmas continued on for a few days for me! It's always nice to come together with family, and Christmas seems to be the only time where you get to see a majority, and so it was lovely to hear what everyone had been up to recently. 

 I miss Tilly a lot when I'm in Sheffield, and so it's been lovely to spend a lot of time with her again.  It's always so sad having to say goodbye, as I can't just give her a Skype call and chat to her like I can with my parents, but I'm so excited to finally be able move her up to Sheffield in the summer! 

 And now here we are in 2016! We never normally do too much for New Years, and we normally have a nice night in with friends/family and Tom and his brother Lewis came to stay again this year (if you've been a reader for a long time you may remember them doing the same last year!). We spent the evening playing board games before Tom, Lewis and I made a quiz each to be completed by the other two. This was fun until Lewis had created a really hard one and I didn't do very well! We saw the new year in by watching the fireworks in London on the TV and then going off to bed as we were knackered! 

  I hope you've had a lovely fortnight- what have you been up to? What did you do for Christmas and New Years?

Love Jess xxx

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