Wednesday, 30 December 2015

6 Things for 2016

 Hello there! I hope that if you celebrate Christmas you've had a lovely one, and if you don't I hope you've equally had a lovely week! I cannot believe that it is nearing the end of December, which means the ending of another year. A lot of new and exciting things are coming up in 2016, and so I thought I would dedicate this post to my hopes for the year ahead.

Keep on top of work
 As I am reaching the end of my third year, that means that I will be having to balance my course work with trying to find literal work for when I graduate, and part of my course work will be writing my dissertation! I'm hoping as long as I plan my time correctly and (try) to get up early I'll be able to keep on top of it. I know it's going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to coming out the other side with a completed degree!

 A massive thing that will be happening, and perhaps the biggest of the year, is that I will be graduating! I honestly cannot believe that I only have one semester of University left, and that'll be the three years completed. I'm both nervous and looking forward to leaving! I know that I'll miss the lifestyle but I won't miss having to write all those essays. Last year it terrified me that I only had a year left, but after working graduation week back in the summer and seeing how happy everyone was, and chatting to students who were graduating from English it made me look forward to the day. It also gave me some tips about what to wear/take with me! (FYI take safety pins to hold the gown onto your dress so that it doesn't strangle you). 
 I hope the order of graduations isn't the same (although I'm 99.9% sure that it is) as it means Tom and I will graduate separately, but at a time where we won't be able to watch one another's. I'll have to make sure that he keeps a hold of his gown so that we can go and take photos together afterwards. I also look forward to this day as I know that it'll be one where I'll be able to get together with all of my friends again!

Move house
 Another big change that will happening in 2016 is that Tom and I will be moving into our very own house with Tilly. Although I really enjoy living in my shared house, I'm so excited to move into a place which I can decorate throughout rather than just enforcing my bits here and there, and I think I can speak for both Tom and I when I say we're looking forward to having a whole kitchen to ourselves! (So excited for a dedicated baking cupboard). 
 Uni shared houses go on the market to rent really early, and so it's weird not being able to look at any houses at the moment as when we signed for our shared house it was just before Christmas! I'm looking forward to going to look round new houses with Tom and start a new chapter of our life in Sheffield! 

Keep a line-a-day five year diary
 Now this obviously isn't just for 2016 as it'll be carrying on for four years afterwards, but I want to start keeping a five year diary. I really enjoy looking at my timehop and seeing what I was up to years ago, and I know that a lot of new and exciting things will be happening over the next few years so along with my blog I want to document it all! 

Keep up with blogging
 As I am in my final year and I will soon be applying for jobs/looking for houses, I want to try my best to keep up with regular blogging, but I don't want to add pressure to myself to say that it always will be twice a week like it has been. I would rather post exciting things that I love or have interested me less frequently, than send out posts that I have rushed more regularly. Quality over quantity and all that.

Have a happy and healthy year
 However much you plan and hope for the year ahead, something can always throw a spanner into the works, and so overall I hope to have a happy and healthy year, and one where I make the most of everything that I can. I know that there are going to be a few stressful months ahead (trying to find a job/house/write my dissertation/actually sleep) but I want to try and stay calm and hopefully everything will work out alright in the end!

Do you have any hopes for the year ahead? Were your ones from 2015 fulfilled? I hope you have a fantastic new years however you decide to spend it. Thank you to everyone for your continued support both for my blog and my personal life, you're all fabulous people!

Love Jess xxx


  1. I see a few trips to Sheffield coming up this year ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I think there'll need to be to bring all the bits up hehe xxx

  2. Good luck with your 2016 plans, sounds like a great year ahead!

    1. Thank you! :) wishing you the best for the year ahead xx

  3. Good luck with your goals! Happy new year :D

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. Thank you :) A very happy new year to you too! x

  4. I'm graduating this year too. I'm so excited / nervous to be finally done with college and then jump right into the real world. I hope you complete all of your 2016 goals and have a lovely year ahead. (:

    - Somdyuti | One Tiny Wish


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