Wednesday, 4 November 2015

DIY Autumn Bunting

 Hello there! After the reception of my autumnal bowl DIY, I thought that I would share another DIY  with you. Before I went to uni I knew that I wanted some bunting up in my room, and after 2 years of having it in my room I thought how hard can it be to make my own? And that's where this DIY comes in. What's great is that everyone can make this to their own taste, and it'll be unique to you. I was always crafting with Nanna when I was younger, and I'm really enjoying getting back into it. I bought autumnal colours of both felt and material, but I think this could actually be used all year round! 

You will need:
-Material (I bought these 'Fat Quarters' from Hobbycraft and they have a great range so I would have a look on there!)
-PVA Glue
-Scissors (I used both straight cut and zig zagged ones)
-Optional: needle and thread

 For the first triangle I drew it out freehanded which is fine, but as you'll see further on I found it a lot easier with a ruler. I started off by lining up my ribbon on the top of the felt to see how big I wanted my triangles to be. 
 For this first triangle I wanted to add an embellishment of material and so lined up my material with the felt triangle to see how big I wanted the triangle to be. As you can see I ended up trimming the original felt triangle so it fitted with the material one better.  
 Once you are happy with the two triangles, you need to put a thin line of PVA glue on each side of the material triangle, and glue this into place. 
  This is where the optional needle and thread comes in. If you're a whizz with a needle then you could sew your felt triangle/ribbon together, but as I am a complete novice I simply put a thin line of PVA at the top and stuck the ribbon on top. As it is the first triangle be sure to leave enough ribbon at the side so that you can hang up your bunting once it's completed. I decided to stick the ribbon on the back rather than the front of my bunting, but it's completely up to you which way round you do it.

 Whilst the first triangle was drying I started on the second one. You can either have all of your triangles the same size, or vary them like I did. The one thing that I did keep the same throughout the sizes was the width. For my second triangle (and for all others after) I drew out a box that was always 13cm wide, and varied in length (12, 10 and 8). Once you have drawn out your box you need to find the middle of the width (so 6.5) and make a mark. With this mark if you draw a line from the point to the two top points of the square you will have your triangle. 

 With my bunting I decided to vary it so that every other triangle was just plain felt, and cut with the straight cut scissors, whilst the triangles that had material on were cut with the zig zag scissors. Once every triangle was complete I would add it to the ribbon in the same way as the first one. 
 I repeated the box process for my next triangle, and for the triangle of material I did a similar thing but always had the width as 10cm, and the length would be 2cm less than whatever the overall length of the triangle I was sticking it onto was. 

 You need to repeat the process as many times as you want depending on how long you want your bunting to be! I would recommend picking up a pair of special cut scissors, as I found the material would look frayed when I used the straight ones to cut it, but of course it is up to you! 
 For my bunting I had three different sizes which I repeated, and I'm really pleased with how this came out. You know you've done a good DIY when your housemate thinks it's shop bought! I put my bunting over our fireplace (I wouldn't recommend this if you have a fire that is actually in use!) and it fits in with my autumnal bowl. 
 This was a really fun DIY, and could be used in so many ways. You could make 'holiday' specific ones, or even make them for friends as gifts. As always if you recreate this please let me know/send me a photo- I'd love to see everyone's personal take on it!
 Are there any DIY's that you have done recently? I've got a few festive ones planned so keep your eye out for those!

Love Jess xxx


  1. I do enjoy seeing what you have made. I am going to try and make some dried oranges to hang on the Christmas tree xx

    1. Thank you! Ooh you'll have to let me know how those turn out :) xxx

  2. These are so cute! Look really shabby chic x

  3. WOW Great idea. Thank u for teaching us. Because your blog very useful for people and all. Keep sharing and posting


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