Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Digital Detox

 Hello there! After reading Corrie's post (over at Dizzybrunette3) on social media and the emphasis that is placed on it, it got me thinking. How many times a day do you just go on your phone or laptop to check facebook, to see if your latest post has any more likes, or check your instagram to see someone's latest photo upload? I'm not going to lie, of course I'm guilty of this, but I'm now making an effort to try and take more breaks from it (not completely of course).

 What initially sparked my, not concern but notice, of how much people are missing of the real life was when Tom and I went to see Michael McIntyre. Before the performance we went for a meal, and before this we popped into Starbucks where I finally tried a pumpkin spiced latte (you may remember this from my fortnightly catch up #9). There was this couple (not necessarily romantically involved, but they were together as friends) who caught my attention as for the whole time that Tom and I were there (probably about half an hour- 45 minutes) they were both sitting glued to their phones. Following on from this on getting into Sheffield Arena, as we were in the upper tier we could see down onto a lot of the audience, and I was shocked by the sheer amount of phone screens that were looking back up at me! I was sad to see people out with friends and family, and giving preference to their device rather than the person that was with them. Now I am not going as far to say never use your phone or social media; they're a great way of connecting with people and getting inspiration (more from pinterest), but take the time to get out and experience life, not just the instagram photo behind it. That being said, here are my top ways of 'signing off' for a bit:

Get out and explore the area around you

 Whether this be with friends or by yourself, get out there and take in some fresh air. Explore what your environment has to offer you and take in some real life experiences. You'll be surprised to discover how great things are that are right on your doorstep! If you're stuck for places to go, I normally just do a quick google search before I leave so I have some idea of places, or you could even go out with no plans and see where the day takes you.

Go to an exercise class
 I've been going to more yoga and pilates classes recently, rather than your more typical high intense classes. Although at a slower pace, I've found I've benefitted both physically and mentally. Physically I've become more supple (although I still struggle on some of the moves!) and mentally I feel more relaxed and revived. I like that my gym membership covers all fitness classes, and so I've been trying a few out and seeing what works for me/my timetable, and I'm trying to stick to going to certain ones each week. I like being able to go along and zone out for a while and simply focus on the moves that I have to do. Plus in one of the yoga classes I went to, at the end we got to get a blanket and lay down whilst the teacher spoke to us which was fab!

Read a book

Put your phone on airplane mode so no notifications will disturb you, get a new book, or an old classic, and immerse yourself in its world. I'm currently rereading Harry Potter as a break from my course reading, and after this I have quite a few books on my to read list! This list can always grow though- are there any books you've read recently that you would recommend?

Have a bath (or shower)
 I will always have a bath if I want to take some time out, but depending on your preference you may want a shower. I like to put on some relaxing spa type music, chuck a bath bomb in the water with lots of bubble bath, and I'm good to go. Simply soak and relax.

Have a day out somewhere new
 As with exploring the area around you, get out and add new experiences to your life. Go out and experience everything you can, while you can. On looking back on your life so far, what is it you remember? Things you've done or that facebook post? 

Do some arts and crafts

 As you may have seen recently with my autumnal bunting, I have been getting back into crafting (and I have a a few festive ones planned so keep your eyes peeled for that!). I like to put on some of my favourite albums/playlists, and get creative. You can pick up a lot of bits quite cheaply for various projects, and you'll find you can use the same type of materials for more than one project so it's cost effective! I've found it great to do something creative that's not course-related, plus everyone loves a homemade gift.

 These are just some ways that I like to take a break from social media/technology, and I'm trying to take more breaks like these so I don't miss out on actually living life. How about you? Do you think you should take more breaks? What do you like to do as a 'digital detox'?

Love Jess xxx


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  3. Love this post - I'm so at fault for always being near my phone and constantly checking it! Recently I've been trying to put it down more and take notice of everything around me though :)


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