Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Golden 'Pumpkin' Krispie Cakes

 Hello there! Today's post isn't technically a 'baking' one, as you don't actually cook anything, but you still make super yummy treats so I'll go with that! You may remember my halloween treats from last year, and so I decided to make some this year in the form of 'pumpkin' rice krispie cakes.  They don't contain pumpkin, rather they are made to look like them! These don't take long to make at all, so if you have a halloween party coming up and need something last minute, these would be great to make. 

You will need:

Rice Krispies (I had 125g here but I only used about 100g)
100g white chocolate
1 big tablespoon golden syrup
50g butter
Matchmakers- I used these for the stalks, but you can use whatever you like/think would be best!
Orange food colouring
Cupcake cases

Step one: Cut up some of the matchmakers/whatever you are using for the stalk of your pumpkin. I cut different sizes as I wasn't sure how tall the cakes were going to be so it's better to chop more than you need! (Plus this means you can have a snack along the way)
 Step two: Melt the butter- if you are able to put a bowl over a pan to melt your butter and chocolate together then that's great. If, like me you are unable to do this, just use the microwave! I did each separately rather than together. Once you have melted your butter; melt your chocolate. I did this in the microwave in small bursts, and made sure to take the container out each time and give the chocolate a stir. I realised on breaking up the chocolate that I had actually bought white chocolate with mini rice krispie bits in already- this didn't really matter but if you can, just get the plain version!
 Step three: Prepare your cupcake cases so they are ready to be used. Stir the chocolate and butter together, before adding the syrup. I added the food colouring at this stage, but they didn't come out as orange as I was expecting- I wonder if you added the colouring to the melted white chocolate before adding the butter and syrup whether this would make the colour more pigmented! Once everything is combined you then need to add your rice krispies!
Step four: You now need to create the 'pumpkin' shape. Flatten out the cupcake case, spoon a bit of the mixture in, add the 'stalk' part to the middle of the cake, and then through putting the cupcake case into the cupcake tin,  mould the mixture onto the stalk and create the shape.

 Step five: Once you had made all your cakes they are ready to be put into the fridge to set. This shouldn't take too long, so check back in half an hour or so and they should be good to go!
 Once set you can take the out of the cupcake cases and place them on a plate ready to be served. 
 Having not made 'shaped' krispie cakes before I was really pleased with how they turned out- I just wish they were a bit more orange. These make a great snack and I know adults and children alike will enjoy making/eating them. As always if you have a go at making these please let me know! Are there any halloween treats that you'll be making this year?

Love Jess xxx

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