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Autumn Essentials

 Hello there! I think it is safe to say that we are now in the depths of autumn. Now as you may remember from my love of autumn post last year (how has it been a year already?!) autumn is my favourite season of the year. As it is my favourite time of year I thought I would share with you what are my essentials for the season.

 Bath bombs
 Okay so I enjoy a bath all year round, but particularly as it gets to autumn/winter time I love having one in the evening and then getting into cosy jammies. As you may have seen from my fortnightly catch up post this week, I went to an event at Lush at the weekend, and this one entitled 'Cinders' is one of the bath bombs that I picked up. From the description the red bits seem to be popping candy, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the effect is in the bath. I especially love visiting Lush this time of year because all of their seasonal products are back in stock, and so I may just have to use this one on bonfire night!
 Once I have used a bath bomb I like to keep the bag it came in, tape it up, and pop it in a draw so it keeps my clothes smelling nice!

 Again, I love having a candle lit throughout the year, but as the nights start to get darker (and even the days sometimes!) it's lovely having a cosy glow in my room. Although seemingly a summer scent, this Honey Blossom candle makes my room smell amazing, and I'm looking forward to mine and Tom's annual trip to Meadowhall in November to pick up a more autumnal/wintery one. I can't wait to be able to buy more than one at a time so I can put them in different rooms around the house, but as I'm unable to do this at the present time I have to restrain myself to one! 

 Hot chocolate and marshmallows
 Where would we be in autumn without a hot drink? Although I drink tea and coffee throughout the year, I see hot chocolate as more of an autumn/winter drink. My favourite hot chocolate (which I may have mentioned before!) is the milky way magic stars one. You pour hot milk over the powder and I think it's this that means it's not one of those hot chocolates that go lumpy, but is silky smooth. Now, I never just have hot chocolate on its own- you need marshmallows on top! What I also really like to do is put the mug back in the microwave when the hot chocolate and the marshmallows are in, so that the marshmallows melt a bit and go all gooey. 

Berry Lipsticks
 Autumn is the perfect time of year to be whacking out the berry lipsticks. I was always someone who was a bit nervous about wearing a bright/bold lipstick, but now I absolutely love it. I recently picked up the Kate Moss 30 and 107, the 30 is a purply berry colour, and 107 which is more of a red berry colour. I especially love wearing a berry lip with my dark denim pinafore, and an oversized cardigan. 

Cosy Socks
 Cosy socks are a must as it starts to get colder! I love coming home after a long day, getting into comfy clothes and putting a pair of these on. If you're someone who gets cold feet during the night then you definitely need to pick some of these up! You can get packs from Primark quite cheaply, and in a range of colours. 

 Black Boots
 I remember when I was younger always looking forward to buying a new pair of boots for the winter. These boots are great to wear with both jeans and skirts/tights, and I've had so much wear out of them already, that I know they'll last me all season. I'm looking forward to pairing them with a skirt/top combo, with a thick scarf, a big cosy coat, and a berry lip (did someone say OOTD post?).

 Snuggly Dressing Gown
 Oh me oh my, I bought this dressing gown a few days ago and I am in love (sorry Tom). I'd had my other dressing gown for a good few years; I feel like I may even have got it before I was with Tom! It's still usable, but it's not as fluffy as it used to be, so I think I'll keep it for spring/summer time. Tom's dressing gown is really cosy, and I knew that I needed one that was even softer (if that was possible). I picked up this one from Next, and it's honestly the softest thing I've worn. If you're in need of a new dressing gown I would definitely recommend this one. What's great is that they come in XS, S, M, L, and XL, but within this petite, regular and tall. As I was able to get a petite one it doesn't swamp me completely and is the perfect fit. 

Soft Blankets
 Just imagine it; you've gotten into your comfy clothes, put your cosy socks and dressing gown on, it's time to watch Downton on a Sunday evening, and all you need now is a soft blanket! At the moment I have a big basket of makeup and haircare in my room, but once I've moved next year, this is going to become the 'blanket basket'. I have a few blankets, and I think it's good to have enough so if people come over to watch a film etc, everyone can have a blanket to get cosy. This tartan one is actually a shawl type blanket (and it will be coming up on my October favourites!) that my parents bought for me on one of their trips to Scotland. 

 So there you have what I think are essentials for autumn! What do you see as an essential for this season?

Love Jess xxx



  1. I love that bath bomb it smells amazing! And I'm all about hot chocolate oh I'm craving one now!! I need to also get my hands on that dressing gown... Can't get over how cosy that looks! X
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. The dressing gown is honestly the best thing I've bought in ages! They do it in an 'oatmeal' colour too :) xx

  2. I love the colours of Autumn in nature. Can't beat a day out in October with a clear blue sky and kicking up the falling crispy leaves!! XXXX

    1. It's lovely when it's cold enough to wear a coat, but not so cold that you can't enjoy a walk! xxxx

  3. Please may I have all of those things??? That dressing gown looks so snuggly! And I'd need the hot chocolate for when I'm wearing it...and the blanket... and the candle....


    Lucy xx

    1. Honestly, go to Next, feel it, and you will then proceed to buy it haha! It's all such a great mix


    2. I used to love Milky Way Stars but have never tried he hot chocolate. I agree marshmallows is a necessity with hot chocolate, you can't gave one without the other :). I'm more into snuggling up in my onesie than my dressing gown but I'm with you on the cosy socks. xx

      The Life of Dee

    3. If you love the chocolate you'll love the hot chocolate! There's even mini chocolate stars in the powder which makes it extra yummy. I like the idea of a onesie but because I'm so short they all seem to be way too big for me! xxx

    4. Will give them a try :) Don't worry about being too short for a onesie, I'm only 5ft 2 and I wear one. ;) xx

  4. Basically all of my Autumn essentials as well - I love that Milky Stars hot choc, it's so good!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Yay I'm glad I've found a fellow hot chocolate lover! :) xx

  5. Perfect summery of Autumn!

    Sparkle & Shine/


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