Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What's in my University Bag?

 Hello there! It's currently fresher's week in Sheffield, which can mean only one thing- the final part to my University mini series. (It also means that wherever I walk I'm reminded that I'm no longer 18 and living my carefree life of first year, but that's a whole other topic). The final part to my mini series will be a 'What's in my University bag' post. On coming to University, lectures and seminars were completely different to having lessons in school, so I was a bit confused about what I actually needed to take. On talking to a few freshers both last year and this year, this seems to be a common question, so I thought I would share with you what I take! Even if you're not a fresher, or you're not at University, you might just want to have a nosey as I know I always do when a 'What's in my handbag' video pops into my subscription box on youtube. So onto what is in my bag!

I actually take two bags with me, a backpack and a tote bag (ignore the slippers). I bought this small backpack last autumn from Urban Outfitters, and as it's small it's perfect as it means I don't overpack. I mainly use this for things like my lunch, or a reading book and my purse etc, and the Cath Kidston tote bag for my course books and paper. The backpack is no longer in stock, but I found this one on the site which is very similar. The tote bag folds away so it's great to put in my backpack and then take out when I need it. Again this is not available anymore, but there are similar ones such as this one!

So, what's in the tote bag? 
Paper: I'm fussy about this as it has to be the oxford campus paper. If you've never felt how soft this paper is, go to your nearest stockist and touch it. There's no going back to other paper once you have used this! It's great as you can write on both sides without the other side showing through, and it's easy to rip off the pad by using the indented line.

 Folder: Depending on your subject you might want to take a proper ring binder, but for me this takes up too much room and is too bulky to carry. I like to take a thin clip folder where I can put any papers that I need for the day, or any that are given to me, and then transfer them to my big lever arch binder at home where everything is together. Another thing about taking in a ring binder that I don't like is that fact that it contains all of your work, and if you lose that you're screwed come exam time!

Pencil Case: Pretty self-explanatory but think pens, pencils and highlighters!

 Page markers: I carry these with me as there's bound to be something that I'm reading and want to come back to, or look at in a seminar, and so having a page marker in the book makes this a lot easier. You can just use cheap coloured ones (which I will still use for the majority!) but I found these adorable sausage dog ones on Busy B.

 This is generally what I take in my tote bag on a daily basis, but this will change depending on what lectures or seminars I have, as I will normally need to take the text of the week for seminars. If I only have one thing on in a day I will normally just take my iPad with me and type my notes up on there, and then write them out when I get home as this saves a lot on space!

So, what's in the backpack?
Purse: Now rather than taking my whole bulky purse with me into uni, I use this card holder (similar) from Cath Kidston. It's perfect as I can slot my ucard into the top bit and grab it out when necessary, and then I can put a bit of cash, or my debit card into the bigger compartment and I'm good to go. 

Small pouch: I have this small purse that I bought from Accessorize years ago, but in it I keep things like paracetamol, plasters...things that I may need whilst I am out, all tidily in one place. 

Odd bits and bobs: These things are sort of scattered about my bag, in the front pocket, or in the pockets inside the bag. As with the small pouch I carry these around as you never know when you might need them! I will just emphasise hand sanitiser, especially for University, as you don't want to catch everyone's freshers flu.

Diary: The last thing that I carry with me on a regular basis is my academic diary. I love this design and each week is spread across two pages so there's room to differentiate between academic, and non-academic things that are on. If you are at University, you will need one of these! There's so much going on that you simply can't remember it all, and I would be in such a fluster trying to remember everything without this.

 Of course if I am having my lunch down at uni then I will take this with me, and I will always take a drink and snack. I will also have my phone and keys with me! I hope that if you are soon to start going to lectures and seminars that this has helped in some way as to what you should take. This now ends my University mini series and I hope you've enjoyed it! Good luck for the year ahead.

Love Jess xxx


  1. Those paper markers are adorable! Hope the school year goes well for you <3

  2. Like a nosey in someone else's bag xxxx


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