Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Favourites

 Hello there! I know I probably say this every month, but blimey, where did September go? Tom and I went to Liverpool on the 1st and that doesn't seem that long ago, but here we are, about to go into October. A lot of what I've been loving I already mentioned in my August Favourites post, so here's just a few additions! 

Chelsea Boots

 I may be a bit late on the band wagon as I think everyone and their dog has a pair of chelsea boots, but I finally got around to ordering these ones from New Look. Being in Sheffield, I need shoes that are both weatherproof, and comfortable to wear walking up all of those hills. These go well with any outfit so I know that I will be getting a lot of wear out of them over the coming months. (I also feel like I have reverted back to my horse riding days!)

Gone Girl

You may remember Gone Girl being on my summer wishlist, and I finally got around to reading it at the beginning of this month. I won't say too much about it, as I didn't know anything about the plot line and I think if you don't know anything you will enjoy it more. Before this I can't remember the last time that I finished a book so quickly as I just had to find out what happened. Once I had read the book I bought the DVD, and although good, I preferred the book!


 Now Tom is a favourite every day and every month, but over the summer after spending so much time with him, I find spending one or two days without him strange. He was there throughout the summer to explore new places with, or try new things, or even just to sit down in an evening and watch a film. I can't wait to see what future adventures we will embark on together.

Lemon green tea and honey

 I am a massive lover of tea- I must consume at least 4-5 cups of it a day. Nothing's better to warm you up, or cheer you up, or even to take a break for. Now with green tea I know it's good for you, but on it's own I just can't get over the sort of grassy flavour. As it's freshers season and the freshers flu will soon be sweeping the campus, I've been trying to make sure that my immune system is up to scratch. I've been having the green tea with lemon, as lemon provides a lot of vitamin C so is a great anti-oxidant, and to add a bit of sweetness in I've been adding a spoon of honey which is loaded with loads of antibacterial properties.

 Now that's it's becoming autumn, I can guarantee that next month will feature a lot of cosy and berry-coloured things!

What have you been loving this month?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. Autumn is my favourite season and I have been loving the sunny days recently. Blackberries are a favourite of Tilly and she always has a few when out on her walk xx


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