Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mid-Week Getaway to Liverpool

 Hello there! Back at the beginning of the month Tom and I took a mid-week trip to Liverpool for a few days. You may remember from waaaaay back in the day my post on places that I would like to visit in the UK, and Liverpool was one of them that I can now tick off! My parents took a trip last year and really enjoyed their visit, and if they think it was worth the 5 and a bit hour train journey from Norwich, then we could take the hour and a half trip. I love going abroad to discover new places, but you still need to explore your own country, so I really enjoy going to places that I've never been before!
 Both Tom and I found that Liverpool was a beautiful city. It's one of those places that you can go to, without really having an idea of where you want to go to, and just go for a walk out of your hotel and you'll soon find something. On arriving in the late afternoon, we went for a walk down and around the dock area and it was so windy! 

 Down by the dock there was a chain where couples have attached locks, just like the famous 'love lock' bridge in Paris. 

 On our first full day in Liverpool, we took a trip to the Central Perk Cafe, and oh my, if you are a massive Friends fan like myself, then you need to go there! It's a replica of the cafe from the programme, and they play the Friends boxset on repeat, so whilst you are watching the gang sit on the famous orange couch, you too can sit on the orange couch. All of the drinks and food are friends related, even the sizes! (You can pick between a 'Marcel' for a small drink, or a 'Joey' for a large one). On top of all of this I had pancakes for breakfast which were great! This was all made even nicer by the fact that it was absolutely chucking it down outside- but I was quite happy to stay in there longer! On the sign below on the left, they've even gone to the effort to write out a piece about the cafe and what you can have, to the theme tune! (Cue my inner english student being able to recognise the beat of the lines!). 

 After our breakfast we went to have a look around the Tate Liverpool, and after this the Maritime Museum where we had our lunch. Although by this point it had stopped raining, it still looked a bit threatening outside, so whilst we were having lunch I did a quick google search of other museums in the area, and we decided on the World Museum.  The World Museum was honestly one of the best museums I have visited, and after walking round I couldn't believe that it was all free to visit! The museum is split into 5 floors, which are dedicated to different things. From and aquarium to a planetarium, there is so much on offer and so much to see- we ended up staying a good two hours there! The exhibits have a range of things on offer, so both adults and children could enjoy it. I would highly recommend a visit!

  For our evening meal we took a trip to Bill's. Neither of us had been to a Bill's before, but I had heard good things about it so I thought we should give it a go! It was a really lovely place and all of the staff were so friendly, that if I see one again I will definitely be going in.

 As the weather was a lot better the day after, we decided to go on the open top tour bus around the city to see it properly! We went once around the route, and then on the second time around got off near the Metropolitan Cathedral to have a look around. From here we walked on to the other Cathedral before walking back into the main part of the city. 

On the tour we went past the Beatles area and of course I had to take a photo of my favourite member- Ringo.

 Once we had walked back to the inner city, we went to have a look around the Walker Gallery. What we found to be great about Liverpool was the wide range of museums and art galleries that had really good exhibitions in, but were completely free to get into.

 After our busy day we returned to the hotel for our evening meal. I, and I think I can speak for Tom too, had a really enjoyable time in Liverpool, as it has so much on offer. I definitely think that I would like to return one day, but until that time, explore more cities within the UK!

 What are some of your favourite cities to visit?

Love Jess xxx


  1. As you know York is our fav city but still nice to visit others as all have a different vibe to them xxxx

  2. I think I just fell in love with this city. Definitely going on my Bucket list. :)


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