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Making your University Room Homely

 Hello there! And welcome to the second part of my mini series on University. I'm really excited about today's post as it's all about homeware! I knew on coming to University that making my room as homely as possible would really help me to settle in. I know that a lot of people will have either moved in or will soon be moving into halls for University, and so I thought I would share with you what I did to make my room more homely!

 Above are photos of my room in halls. Everyone has basically the same room when you move into halls, so it's quite easy to put your own stamp upon the place. As you can see I brought quite a few bits to decorate my room with. I loved having the bunting up on my shelves, and what truly made my room homely was my photos! I always order my photos through bootsphoto online as they're only 5p per print and always arrive really quickly. I originally wanted to put my photos on my wall, but as you could be charged for leaving marks on the wall I decided to stick them on my wardrobe instead. As you will see later, on moving into my shared house I transferred them to the wall! Within my photos I ordered some quotes that I stuck onto my pin board over my desk. On my bathroom door I stuck on cards that I had received throughout the year to make the area a bit more pleasing to look at. 
 Moving into a shared house I took all of my things from halls and of course bought a few more bits! Here's a sneak peek into the room I've been living in for the past year, and will be for the rest of my degree. 

 My mum found these letters for me before I went to University. I stuck them on my door in halls, and have again in my room now! In halls it's a great way to get to know people initially as obviously they can see what your name is when they first chat to you. Now I've carried it on to welcome people in to my room. 

 To add storage to my room I bought this coat hook rack from The Range, and as you will see I have a beach/nautical theme to some of the decor in my room. This coat hook rack is perfect as there's no need to nail anything in, or make a hole for a hook somewhere, as this simply sits over the top of your door. Even though this sits over the top I am still able to shut my door without any issue. 

 As you would have seen from my University Essentials post, something that you should take to halls/uni accommodation is a door stop. Rather than just getting a basic door stop, I decided to get this cat one (also from The Range) to make it a bit more homely and put my own design onto it. Using a doorstop is a great way to let your flatmates/housemates know that you are in, and that they are welcome to come in. 

 To hang these up I was able to put small pins into the wall for them to hang over, which means there's no massive holes for the next resident, and these are easy to cover up. 

 You may remember my DIY post on how I made this polaroid photo display, and it's still going strong. This is a great way to fill up a blank space and is super easy to do but looks really effective. 

 Rather than stick up cards that I receive, over the past few months I have been collecting cards that I think are funny, or of places that I have been, and mixed them in with my quote photos and these are placed above my desk. I really like adding to these and each have a memory behind them. 

  Now I suppose you were wondering where all those photos from my wardrobe are? Well here they are plus ones from my first and second year at University. I absolutely love this wall. My room is in an L shape, and so this is in the area near to my bed. I love to wake up and go to sleep looking at these and all the memories that are there. At the bottom you can see my schnauzer painting which I absolutely adore, and I can't wait until I am reunited with my real miniature schnauzer. When asked what should you take to uni, my number one thing is photos! These add a real personal touch and look great all on the wall together. (I have rearranged them over my time here and whatever paint is on the wall is amazing as there's no remnants of blu tac!). 

 I have a big windowsill in my room and originally had this as a window seat with some cushions on. However as the weather got colder, this window began to have quite a bit of condensation, and so I moved my cushions. I do have a humidifer on my window now which takes away some of the condensation, but for ease I decided to leave my cushions off. I absolutely love having fresh flowers and they really brighten up this area. I bought the jar on the right last year and originally filled it with potpourri, but as this lost its smell and had become old, I threw this way. Inside now I have a couple of wooden balls that I saved from the potpourri, and I had some battery operated fairy lights from Primark, but as these stopped working, I cut off the battery part and wound them around in the jar. This would also work really well if the fairy lights actually worked!

 You may remember the DIY origami butterflies that I made and these are still on my window! 

 On one corner of my desk I have my stationary- the green box is an old box that some skincare came in, and my pens are in a box that my grandad gave me (it was a whiskey gift set) which my mum kindly wrapped for me in paper from an old lush gift set. I've got my colouring pencils for my colouring books, and the schnauzer is a duster that Tom's dad bought for me. 

 On the other side of my desk I have my Roberts Radio (in the beach hut print of course) and behind I have a beach hut ornament, a couple of candles, an amethyst tree that I got on a trip to the Heights of Abraham, and my 2015 memory jar. 

 Over my bed I have a set of fairy lights which makes that part of the room feel extra cosy. I managed to get this bed cover (which is super soft as it's brushed cotton) from House of Fraser when they were having a sale on and I was able to use student discount on top of that. I like the different sizes, designs and textures that the cushions bring together. On the wall behind my bed I have a poster of a Hokusi painting, and next to that a poster with the quote 'Life is good at the beach' which ties in with the nautical element of my room. The two birds are love birds, and Tom bought this for me when we went to Hope Valley together. 

 I hope you've enjoyed seeing a sneak peek into both my room in halls, and my room now! I also hope that this may have provided some inspiration for you, as I love searching (especially on pinterest) for home inspiration. Please send me your pinterest links so I can have a nosy at your boards. This concludes the second part to my University mini series so be sure to check back next week for the final post in the series!

Love Jess xxx

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