Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fortnightly Catch Up #6

 Hello there! How are you? Today's post is the penultimate fortnightly catch up before I return to lectures. This summer has been fab which probably explains why it has gone so quickly. I'm glad I've continued to keep writing diary-esque blogposts so I can look back and see everything that I've been up to. I keep getting notifications on my timehop from when I posted last year so I've been enjoying reading back through all of the old posts! 
 So onto the past two weeks. The first week of the fortnight saw the start of September, and for some reason some supermarkets (the co-op) have taken this as an excuse to start putting out Christmas things. Now I absolutely love the run up to Christmas, but even I think this is too early! I could understand Halloween things as that is next month, but putting out festive things now makes the run up not as special as it seems to have begun 3 months before. *rant over*
 At the beginning of the month Tom and I took a trip to Liverpool for a few days, and as we seemed to be able to fit so much into a couple of days I will be doing a separate post all about our trip as otherwise you would be sitting here for a while! Be sure to follow me on bloglovin' to keep up to date with my latest posts! 

  On the Saturday after we came back from Liverpool I worked on an open day at the University. It was lovely to talk to prospective students and I can't believe that it's been 3 years since I was in their position of trying to pick my 5 places for UCAS. If you're currently in this position make sure you have a read of my blogpost all about my experience! 
 Monday saw the return of one of my best friends Megan. Megan had been away in Italy for most of the summer so I hadn't had a chance to see her since June, so Tom and I went to meet her at the train station after her flight back! To ensure she transitioned from Italy back to England we went to Gelato Original where I had a chocolate and strawberry crêpe with mango ice cream. If you're in Sheffield and have never been to Gelato Original then you really need to go! I highly recommend the mango ice cream and sorbet. Now as it is getting closer to the start of term I'm excited for all of my friends to be back in the same city!

I may have stolen this from Megan- check out her blog here!
 You may have seen me post this photo below on my instagram earlier this week. Last week my parents were away in Scotland but they managed to send me this postcard using the TouchNote app! I've used this app myself and I would recommend it to send postcards as you can use your own photos, and it'll actually arrive before your holiday has finished. 

 Aside from reading and doing things around the house, Tom and I went to see the play East is East at the Lyceum on Wednesday. This was the first time that I had bought tickets to the theatre through the live for five scheme (if you are aged 16-26 you can get two tickets to certain shows for £5 each) and as I love going to the theatre I'm all for going even more! The scheme means that you get to see shows that you perhaps wouldn't think of seeing normally, and both Tom and I really enjoyed it!
 The week after next is Fresher's week, so I will start to be getting a lot busier again (not that I haven't been over the summer!) so I'm looking forward to the few free days this week before the hustle and bustle begins.

What have you been up to recently?

Love Jess xxx


  1. Freak weather in Fort William, warm and sunny for 6 days in a row!!!

  2. This is a lovely post! I also think that September is way to early to bring out Christmas stuff. Even Halloween is a bit too early....

    1. Thank you! I know! I tweeted them saying how early it was and they said that Halloween things would be out soon- I think they've got their order of holidays the wrong way around somehow xx


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