Sunday, 9 August 2015

Holkham Hall Pt.2 'The Grounds'

 Hello there! If you missed my last post, I'll catch you up! I went to Holkham Hall last week with my parents and as there was so much to see both inside and outside the house, I've split my trip into two posts so you can see everything in all its glory! Holkham beach is a part of the estate, but we didn't get time to take a trip down there, but I do want to go there one day as it looks so beautiful! As with my first post, I hope this can provide a virtual tour of the grounds and that some day you will be able to visit in person. 

 As they are refurbishing the shop/cafe area at the moment, the cafe is in a tent outside the front of the house (I felt like I was in the bake off tent!). Although we didn't have the dogs with us, I loved the fact that they not only provide water for dogs, but they've gone to the effort of making it fun too. The dogs have a choice of 'Pawroni', 'Carlsbark' and my favourite, 'Pugweiser'. 

 The park is home to large herds of deer, and you can see some of them in the picture below. Whilst we were having lunch in the cafe, there was a herd near the lake, which you can also see below!

  After we had been in the house, we took a trip on the buggy that takes you to the walled gardens.

 Weather-wise we were really lucky, and you could really feel the heat in the walled gardens! With all the greenhouses about I felt like I was in Hogwarts going for my Herbology lesson. This was such a lovely time of year to come as all of the flowers were in bloom.

 Now outside at the cafe they had these toy tractors for children, and then we discovered that there was some in the walled gardens as well. I went over to have a go, but as I got there an older couple came in and so I felt like they might judge me for being on a child's toy so I settled with a photo!

 To me, these daisies just scream Alice in Wonderland as in the Disney film there's a scene right at the beginning where Alice is laying in the daisies singing 'A World of my Own' and it is there that she first spies the White Rabbit. 

 I never really used to be one who enjoyed looking round gardens- that was more of my mum's thing! However now I do like walking round and having a look at all of the flowers and arrangements, as I know that my garden will never be like that (as neither Tom or I are the keenest gardeners) so I like to see what those who are into gardening can create. I also like that at places like this if you live close enough the grounds can become another place that you can take your dog for a walk! When we first had Tilly we went away in the caravan and so took her with us. One day we went to Chatsworth and she absolutely loved walking around the grounds and meeting other dogs! 

 This concludes my two part series on my trip to Holkham Hall, I really hope that you've enjoyed the virtual tour and that maybe it's enticed you to visit yourself!

Love Jess xxx

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  1. The grounds are very nice. I like how it is dog friendly. There seems to be so much to do at Holkham Hall. I think the owners did a really good job in managing the estate.


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