Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Holkham Hall Pt.1 'The House'

 Hello there! On Monday I took a trip to Holkham Hall with my parents, and so of course there is going to be a blogpost all about it! However because there was quite a lot to see in the house, and as the grounds are massive, I'm going to split this trip into two posts so you can see it all properly. Now if you didn't know already, I love visiting stately homes. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, but I love exploring both the grounds and the house itself. My all-time favourite home to visit is Chatsworth, which I will visit time and time again. I had never visited Holkham before, and seeing as I was home for a few days I thought it was finally about time that I did! I hope that my photos can give you a virtual tour, and that if you ever happen to be in the area you might take a visit yourself!

The outside of the house.

This table was really clever as the rectangle shaped parts can be taken away and the table will become smaller.

The 'guest wing'- still in use today- Elton John has stayed here!
Guest bathroom.

Library- still in use today and my favourite room of course!

The house has its' own private chapel. 

I took this because of all the doors that are in one hallway!

Eventually you get back to the main entrance hall.

Before finishing, the last stop off is in the old kitchen- the room was massive!

 Make sure to come back on Sunday for part two of my trip to Holkham Hall! I hope this gave you an insight into what the house looks like- maybe I'm really into stately homes because of my love for homeware? I'm not sure but either way I know that this will not be the last home I visit. 

Have you been anywhere that you've never been to before recently?

Love Jess xxx


  1. Great photos, lovely day xxxx

  2. I would love to visit a stately home one day. Do they still use the kitchen? I think I have seen that home before in some period drama.

    1. I can highly recommend that you do! And there are so many to choose from. I don't think that this kitchen is still in use by the family, but it could have been in a drama! :) x


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