Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fortnightly Catch Up #5

 Hello there! These past two weeks have been super busy (as always!) and it's been nice having nothing planned for this bank holiday so I just can chill out for a few days. Tom and I went to Poland for a few days, which we both really enjoyed and if you would like more details about the trip you can read my blogpost all about it! This really made me want to explore more European cities, and it reminded me that a holiday doesn't always have to involve the beach and the sea (although I wouldn't turn one of those down!).

 On the Saturday after we had come back from our trip Tom and I travelled to Preston to watch the football (hooray) but it was worth it as Tom's team won so A. he was happy and B. we didn't waste our day going all that way! As I went to the football this now means that Tom has to come to something that I want to go to and so we are off to the theatre in a couple of weeks which I am looking forward to. On the Sunday I went to Rachel's for a catch up which was lovely, as although we've both been in Sheffield for the majority of our summer we've not managed to meet up as we've both been so busy. I'm really looking forward to when everyone is back for uni as I've missed all of my friends!
I bought these lovely roses which brightened up my week!

 For the first half of this week just gone, I was setting up my own exhibition in Western Bank Library. At the beginning of the summer I completed a SURE (Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience) project in collaboration with two of my tutors. My project was focused on the author Barry Hines, and I really enjoyed the experience of looking into something in detail that isn't a part of my degree. A result of this project was that I was able to curate my own exhibition and I thoroughly enjoyed picking out the pieces from the archives that I wanted to use, and setting them up to share with people. (If you are a Sheffield student then my exhibition is running until about mid-October so you have no excuse to not go! It's outside Special Collections).
I'm not going to lie, a highlight of putting up my exhibition was returning to Grill & Go for my lunch!

 The rest of this week has been more relaxed, and on Wednesday evening Tom and I had date 'S' which resulted in 'starting from scratch' which meant I taught Tom how to make pizza! I will be doing a recipe post for this in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled for that. We both love fresh pizza and so I thought it was about time that we made our own ones. We made each others pizza which was good as we could see who had the best decorating skills!
 On Friday after showing Tom my own exhibition, we went to the Millenium Gallery as this was on our Jhomas summer list.  On going we realised that we had in fact been there before! We just hadn't realised as we had gone in via the Winter Gardens, and this time we went in through the main entrance to the gallery. Either way it was still an enjoyable afternoon out. As I said I haven't got anything planned for the bank holiday and so I've been able to just potter around and catch up on various things. I can't believe that it is September on Tuesday- there'll only be a couple more fortnightly catch up's before I begin my final year of University!

Tom with his apple juice before going into the gallery!

 Have you been up to anything fun recently?

Love Jess xxx

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