Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fortnightly Catch-Up #3

 Hello there! I was thinking about what today's blogpost should be on, and when looking in my calendar I realised it was time for another fortnightly catch-up, blimey that went quickly! I've been very busy for the last fortnight, so let's have a little catch up shall we? My first week back in Sheffield was extremely busy as I was working on the alumni stand for graduation week. At the start of the week it freaked me out seeing all these people dressed up in their gowns, come through with their families as it will be my turn next year! However as the week progressed it made me look forward to my own ceremony, and I managed to pick up a few tips of what to do (safety pins are a MUST) and what not to do (do not wear a long sleeved dress as it gets hot in those gowns). As I got chatting to those graduating and their relatives, I enjoyed participating in their special day, and to see the mixed emotions (from nerves, to excitement, to parents crying). As I am ever closer to starting my third year (how on earth is it August already?!) I think this week of working has somewhat prepared me; for the side of leaving University, not the actual workload of third year. I especially enjoyed chatting to the graduates who had studied English Literature, and hearing all about their final year and what their future plans were.
For 3/5 days I had to be in for 7:30am- although a shock to the system it was lovely to see Weston Park at this time!
 After a hectic week, I went to the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield over the weekend. I had never been to Tramlines before, but I was looking forward to it as A I could go home in-between and sleep in my bed rather than a tent, and B it seemed as if it would be a step up from Gig in the Park in Halesworth that I used to go to (Gig in the Park was quite terrible but all of my friends went, and for a few years in a row I went with Tom which was lovely). On the Friday night after I finished working we went to see 'We are the Ocean' at Leadmill- one great thing about the festival was the fact that soooo many places were participating! With this I have never seen the city so packed! After watching the band we just went for a drink before getting a cheeky KFC and heading home. On Saturday we headed out in the afternoon to the main stage, where we watched a couple of bands (one being the 'renegade brass band' who were a brass band with a rapper and it was quite funky!). In the evening we saw Basement Jaxx which Tom was really looking forward to, and were actually quite good! On the Sunday Tom and I went to watch a band play at the City Hall, and this was the only band we saw that day as the weather was horrible! I did enjoy Tramlines, but I think next year I might just get a day ticket for the Saturday (dependent on who's playing the other days!).

What is summer without Pimms?

 This last week was nice and chilled, and was filled with a few visits to and from friends, and on Friday I went to see the new Inside Out film at the cinema! If you haven't seen the trailer, it's a Disney Pixar film that focuses on the people(?) that are your emotions inside your head, and it follows what happens to these when their person (Riley-who's 11) moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. I probably haven't explained it very well, so go and search the trailer! It was completely different to what I thought it was going to be, and I really liked it.

After a drink at the 'Brewhouse' we may have discovered Pop World!
I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in the house!

I am now back home for a week, and so this should be a nice break before the busy whirlwind that is to follow when I return to Sheffield!

Yes this is highly changed as Ely does not look like a watercolour painting, but I really like the effects I used! 
Reunited with this one again <3

What have you been up to recently? Have you got anything fun planned for over the next few weeks? I have a few things planned for whilst I am at home that I am looking forward to!

Love Jess xxx


  1. Tramlines sounded good, my friend actually went there. I watched Inside Out a few weeks ago, it was really good!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Did your friend enjoy it? And I'm glad you enjoyed the film! I ended up liking it more than I thought I would :) x


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