Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Favourite Outfit of the Moment

 Hello there! I thought that I would do a bit of a different post today, that has a more fashion-esque feel. I'm not claiming to be some sort of fashion god, but I always like to see what people are wearing and to take inspiration from this for myself, and so I thought that I would share with you an outfit that I have been wearing a lot recently and loving! 

 I found this Pinafore Dress on the ASOS website and fell in love with it! You may remember my summer wishlist post, where I talked about wanting a denim skirt. When I saw this pinafore I thought that this would be even better! I did try the skirt on whilst I was in Topshop a couple of weeks ago, but the sizing was a bit awkward so I didn't end up buying one. What I like about this pinafore is that the straps are adjustable, so you are able to adjust exactly where you want the front panel to be, depending on what you are wearing underneath it. 

 Underneath my pinafore I wore this white t-shirt from Topshop, that has a blue lining round the neck and the arms. I have worn a longer sleeved white t-shirt underneath this so I know that I'll be able to wear this during the winter months too! I like the contrast between the denim and the white, and with this contrast t-shirt I like that the blue match together. 

  I paired this outfit with these brown brogues that I bought from New Look when I went to Meadowhall. I used to have a darker brown pair but as I'd worn them so much they were falling apart! I was after a pair of casual shoes that would be waterproof enough for the winter months in Sheffield! I know that I will get a lot of wear out of these as they will go with not only dresses and skirts but jeans as well. 

  I managed to get these sunglasses that were also on my summer wishlist from Topshop. I really like the shape of these glasses, and when they're on it's like viewing the world through an instagram filter. I'm hoping that the sun manages to stick around for a few more months so I can continue to wear these. 

 I couldn't find the exact golden necklace that I am wearing here as it's from Primark, but here is one from ASOS that I like! Recently I've enjoyed wearing gold jewellery, and so I have been wearing this necklace with a lot of different outfits. For this outfit as I want the focus to be on the pinafore, I wouldn't want to wear an overbearing necklace, but a dainty one like this gives it an extra touch. As the watch that I wear is gold, this necklace matches well! 

 Although the sun was shining on this day, I was a bit chilly so I was wearing a 3/4 length white cardigan! I think that any plain cardigan would go well with this outfit, and this particular one I was actually given by Lisa as she didn't want it anymore! It was from Next originally, and I like the 3/4 length sleeves for the summer as there's a bit of coverage but it's lightweight enough so you don't get too hot. 

 I know that today's post is a bit different but I hope you enjoyed it! Is there anything that you've been wearing a lot and loving recently?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. You're such a sweetie, a chocolate bunnie filled with soft caramel xxxx


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