Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July Favourites

 Hello there! It's nearing the end of July which can mean only one thing...

 Is it just me or do these months seem to be flying by? There's quite a few things I have been loving and a mix of what they are, so let's get into it!


 My foodie favourite of the month is the Mediterranean Tomato Philadelphia spread (of which there is no photo as A I have eaten it all, and B I could only get this whilst I was at home as I could go to a larger supermarket) and the new Philadelphia Duo Cremoso in the vine-ripened tomato flavour (can you see a theme here?). These are both super yummy and I've been having them on pumpkin seeds and oat ryvitas for lunch. The Duo Cremoso is cream cheese with a mousse centre (where the flavouring is). Through spreading it, the two combine and I like the difference of textures together. 

Shawn Mendes 
 My music favourite for the month is Shawn Mendes. I think he's quite an up and coming artist as I've now seen a few people talking about him, so I would keep an eye out! He's classed as 'pop' on iTunes, but even if you're not really into this type of music I would still give him a search and have a listen! My favourite tracks are Life of the Party, Stitches, Kid in Love, Something Big and Aftertaste but I really do like the whole album as there's a mix of song types! 

Mac Crosswires

 I have been loving this lipstick that I picked up from MAC recently, and is a cremesheen in the shade crosswires. This is a really pigmented light red, which is perfect for the summer. As it's a cremsheen, it's not nourishing on the lips and doesn't leave them dry. I love wearing red lipstick but as it's summer I don't feel like I can do this as often, and so this is a happy compromise!

Denim Pinafore 

 My fashion favourite of the month is this denim pinafore from ASOS, and if you missed it I recently did a more detailed post on exactly what I am wearing here. It's really comfy to wear and I think it's one of those outfits that looks really good and looks like you've put effort into it, when in reality all you have done is put a t-shirt on and then put this over the top!

Schnauzer Painting 

 Whilst I was back home I took a trip into one of my favourite homeware shops: Bell's of Suffolk. As I was wandering round I spotted this painting of a schnauzer and obviously I had to get it! It's painted by a local artist which made me like it even more. They had a smaller version on a card, but I fell in love with this one on the board. At the moment it's sitting on top of my white cupboard (which I also love) but I think that once I have moved next year this would look lovely in a Kitchen (yes I'm planning ahead already). 


 My reading favourite for this month is Jane Austen's Persuasion. I read this in preparation for one of my autumn modules, and I really loved it. The only Austen novel I have left to read is Emma and then I will have read them all! Now Austen is mainly known for Pride and Prejudice, which I do like, but I prefer Persuasion and I also really like Northanger Abbey. Persuasion focuses on Anne and her family, and various relationships/travels that are customary to a Austen novel!

One Tree Hill 

 Whilst I was back home at the end of June/beginning of July I started to re-watch my One Tree Hill boxset. I absolutely love this programme and watching it again reminded me of this fact! For me, this is one of those programmes like Friends that you can watch and watch and not get bored of. Even though I've watched the box set through a few times and so obviously know what happens, I forget about the smaller story lines and genuinely look forward to see what happens next. As the episodes range between 35-45 minutes you can watch a few of these at a time, as you're not wasting a whole hour and so is excusable!

 I hope you enjoyed reading a round up of my favourite things from the past month! What have you been loving recently?

Love Jess xxx


  1. My favourite thing this month was walking out in the wind and drizzle. It had been so hot and to have a total change was abs fab xxxx

    1. Don't worry before too long it'll be like that all of the time and you'll wish for the heat and sunshine haha xxx

  2. I get so obsessed with One Tree Hill it's ridiculous!

    1. I LOVE it!! Who's your favourite character/which is your favourite season? xx


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