Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fortnightly Catch-Up #2

 Hello there! It's time for my second fortnightly catch up post- can you believe that it has been 2 weeks already? For the last two weeks I was back at home in Suffolk, looking after my grandad and the chickens/dogs/turkeys/rabbits and tortoise whilst my parents were on holiday! I really enjoyed spending some quality time at home, and although I could have done with a car to get around, I still managed to get up to quite a bit! 
 On the first Tuesday I went out for lunch with Lisa in Bungay to Earsham Street Cafe. This was really lovely as I hadn't seen Lisa in quite a while, and I hadn't been to this cafe for a couple of years. Although it rained a bit, we managed to sit outside as they have a covering in case of bad weather and so this was a really nice way of being able to eat outside yet not getting wet! After lunch we had a wander round Bungay where we both picked up a few things, and had a genuinely lovely time.
 Wednesday evening saw Lewis and Bradley come over to mine, where we had an evening playing games on the Wii (I do have a video of them on Just Dance but I know that they would never forgive me for putting it up!). I really enjoyed being able to spend some more time with friends that I don't get to see whilst I am in Sheffield, and I rounded this up by going to visit Ned on the Thursday. I also got to see his Lhasa Apso Phoebe who I hadn't seen for a couple of years, and oh my is she adorable. We took her out on a walk, and then after lunch I ended up having a play fight with her! (This is a normal occurrence with Tilly). 

 As I was at home for a lot of the fortnight, I was able to spend a lot of time with Tilly and Mitzi. I miss them both so much when I am away, and I really cannot wait until Tilly can come and live with Tom and I once we graduate as I always hate having to say goodbye to her!

 Both Tilly and Mitzi would come and sit on my bed with me in the morning whilst I had a coffee and watched The Hills! 

 Tilly does like cuddles but isn't normally one to fall asleep on your lap. She actually fell asleep on my lap last week, and was asleep for about 2 hours meaning that I was stuck where I was for the duration, but I didn't mind!

 As you can see from this last photo at the end of the week Tilly had her haircut, and so looks more like a Schnauzer again! 

 Tom had mainly been in Sheffield whilst I was at home, but he did come and visit for the weekend which was really lovely. It was so strange not seeing him for 2 weeks as I have been so used to living with him and so seeing him everyday. We went out to weatherspoons in Beccles with his mum on the Saturday evening, and then out for lunch with his dad to the Artichoke in Broome on the Sunday. It was really lovely to spend time with Tom's family again as I hadn't seen them since Easter! I would  also just like to note that I was recognised by a girl who worked at the Artichoke because she had met me at a recent open day- I felt famous! 

 On the Monday I went with Tom into Norwich on the bus so that he could catch his train back to Sheffield. I honestly cannot remember the last time I got the bus to Norwich! I also can't really remember the last time that we went shopping in Norwich together. We made a quick stop at KFC for a snack of popcorn chicken, and then for lunch we went to Bella Italia. Bella Italia is great anyway, but recently they've made a special student menu where everything on that menu is only £5. We each had a pizza and it was really sad to have to say goodbye! 
 If you are wondering about our alphabet dates, yes we are still doing them! The last one I talked about was 'putt-putt'. So for Q we played 20 questions (which Tom won) and then on the Sunday when Tom was visiting we had our R date, which was 'Retro games'. We played the Happily Ever After board game (all about finding your prince- Tom won), the Disney Trivial Pursuit board game (of which I won of course) and we also played a game of Wii Party which Tom won! Obviously because of space etc we haven't really got that many games with us in Sheffield, and so I really enjoyed spending time together to play some again! 
 It was really lovely to see my parents again when they returned (and for them to look after the chickens etc again!), but I have now come back to Sheffield for a couple of weeks. I'm still completing my research project and this week I will be doing that alongside work for graduation week! (I can't believe that this time next year I will be graduating). I am also going to Tramlines music festival at the weekend so look out for my next fortnightly catch up blogpost for details on that!

What have you been up to recently?

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Love Jess xxx

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