Sunday, 21 June 2015

What have I been up to recently?

 Hello there! How are you? I've now had about two weeks since I finished my exams/essays, and so I've been up to a couple of things that I would like to share with you! Unintentionally, a lot of it is food related. After I had handed my last essay in, the sun was here for a while and was actually quite hot! Now I'm looking outside and it's cloudy, and I'm just sat here questioning what happened?!
 Okay so in my first year of Uni (I think it might have been Fresher's week!) I made a deal with Reesha, that if I made her cake, she would cook me curry. Now many cakes have been made for Reesha, and I was still waiting around for my curry. Finally after a year and a half, Reesha came round and made me curry. I would like to point out that actually the credit should go to Meera who was the chef behind this, but Reesha brought Krispy Kreme's with her, so I'll let her off on the deal. This was the first time that I have ever had a homemade curry cooked by an actual Indian, and it was amazing! I've still got some in my freezer that I look forward to eating soon! On the Krispy Kreme side of things I absolutely loved the toffee doughnut that I had, but the one pictured here had jam and cream in the middle!

I know, another curry. As a celebration for Tom finishing his exams, we got take-away from our favourite Indian restaurant in Sheffield: The Village Balti House. You will know that I am a big lover of the Korma, and never branch out to try anything new. Well, this time, I did. I do not really like hot spice, and so I went for one that said it was a 'mild' curry. This was the Chicken Pasanda. Now the Pasanda and the Korma are quite similar, but I think I have found my new favourite. Whatever the chicken had been marinated in was so nice, and so I will definitely be ordering this again!

On the last Friday of term, the Student's Union put on the 'Summer Social'. This is an event where there are things on throughout the afternoon, and then there's a collective night out in the evening which sees all of the student club nights come together. This years theme was 'Alice in Wonderland' which will explain the rabbit in the photo! One of the afternoon's events that I really enjoyed was the mini golf course that they had set up, which unfortunately I didn't win (I think I need to go back to Paradise Island to have a practice!).

 It was Rachel's birthday last week, and so that meant a trip to Gelato Original. You may remember that the last time I went I simply had a massive bowl full of Mango sorbet. Now I stuck with the Mango sorbet again (it is amazing) but I decided to go for a crepe that was full of cream and strawberries with a chocolate and strawberry sauce. I do not need to tell you how good this was!

 I know it may look like I'm eating a lot of desserts (and this in part is true) but I went out for a thank you meal at Ego in the Winter Gardens this week. I had never been before and the food was really good- but I think it's more of a place you would take your parents too when they come to visit, rather than say going out with friends! For my dessert I had a chocolate brownie, and it looked (and tasted) so good that I couldn't not take a photo!

 I worked on an Open Day this week, and on my way down as I was a bit early, I took a detour through Crookes Valley and Weston Park. You may have seen this on my instagram (@jesslouisekeen) but I love that even in the middle of a busy city, the sound of traffic can be replaced with the sound of birds singing. Being from the country, one of the reasons that I chose to come to Sheffield was the fact that it is so green, and there is so much countryside that surrounds it, that coming to the city didn't seem as daunting as it perhaps would have been in say London.

 Today Luke, Tom and I took a trip out to Meadowhall. I am now thoroughly exhausted (who knew shopping was so tiring?) but before the shopping began we went to 'Coal' for lunch. I had the cajun chicken fajitas, and you can see the steam in the photo! I always love having fajitas when I am out, and so I think I'll have to make myself some over the summer.

 So I have managed to keep myself busy for the last couple of weeks, and I have been enjoying having time again to do things! What have you been up to recently?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. You certainly had a lot of desserts, taking after your Mamma xxxx


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