Sunday, 14 June 2015

Summer Wishlist

 Now I don't know about you, but I love making 'wish lists' that I can come back to at a later date to remind myself of some gems that I have found, and *possibly* make a purchase! So as it is now summer *touchwood it hangs around* I thought I'd make a 'summer wishlist' of things I really like the look of! 

1. Denim Skirt
 This Denim Skirt has been doing the rounds in the blogging/youtubing world recently. And I can see why. This particular one is from Topshop but I have also seen one that I really like on ASOS! This is the point where my mum will be saying 'All those times when I asked you if you wanted my denim skirt and you said no so I gave it away, and now you want one'! (By the way mum if you do still actually have it, I would love it now). I think this skirt would look lovely both with a vest top tucked in, or a more flowy (I'm sorry if I'm making up words) one hanging over it. Not only would this be great for summer, but I can see it being worn throughout the year!

2. Sunglasses
 Now I have a pair of sunglasses from Primark that are perfectly fine, but the hinges are becoming a bit loose so I think that I should buy some new ones before my current ones give up the ghost! I normally go for ones that look like Ray Bans (oh if only I could afford some proper ones) but I really like these ones from Topshop as they've got the straight top, but it's in the shape of a cat eye. I also absolutely love the tortoise shell print! 

3. Reading
 Now I know what you're thinking, I do English Literature, don't I read enough already? Now, yes you are right. But as it is now the summer I really want to read books that aren't intended for my course! One that I really want to read is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I know a lot of people have been raving about it, so I think I'm a bit late to hop on the bandwagon, and I know there was a film adaptation of it out recently, but I've managed to avoid any spoilers so I can read it afresh!

4. Barry M Nail Varnish in 'Pomegranate'
 Nothing says summer to me like a brightly coloured nail varnish. I have my eye on this one in particular as I love red nail varnish, but this one looks a bit brighter and so shouts 'summer' rather than 'christmas'. Plus I always think bright or pastel nail varnishes can make you look like you have a tan (when you clearly don't). 

5. Roberts Revival Radio 'Beach Huts'
 I can't actually put into words how much I love the look of this radio. I have been lusting after a Roberts Revival Radio for absolutely ages, but I can't justify spending that much money on a radio. My room at University has a lot of beach themed objects/styling to it, as I absolutely love the beach! When I saw that there is a Revival radio, with a beach hut print, I knew that this had to go on my summer wishlist! 

6. Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Buttercream 
 Now for something that is within my budget, and that I absolutely love is the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Buttercream. I bought a pot last year, and made everyone smell it- it's just so good! If I could eat this I totally would. I'm not normally one for sweet smelling body products (I hate the smell of the strawberry ones!) but this just smells amazing. With pistachio, almonds and sweet vanilla, this  smells like a dessert. Body moisturising wise it's also really good, and leaves your skin super soft so it's a win win both on use and smell!

Have you got a summer wishlist? What's on yours?

Love Jess xxx


  1. Sorry Jess, no short denim skirt anymore!! I just wish for a nice warm and sunny summer so I can show of my Malta tan!!! Love you Mamma Sue xxxx

  2. Jess, you have to read Gone Girl it's brilliant, although it does take a while to get in to.
    Also, I ordered the ASOS skirt but it isn't half as nice as the Topshop one! :-) x x x x

    1. Ooh okay! I tried a view sizes on of the Topshop one, but it was either too tight in one place or too loose, I needed an inbetween size! It was just after pizza though, so I may have to try it on again haha xxxxx

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