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Jhomas Summer

 Hello there! Although I am back home at the moment, for the majority of the summer Tom and I will be spending it in Sheffield, and so we have compiled a 'Jhomas Summer' list (With the title 'Jhomas' yes that is mine and Thomas' name joined together- think Bradgelina). As we'll have quite a bit of free time in August/September, there are quite a few things that we would like to get up to in the city in the summer! I'm hoping if these are not only on paper but on here, we'll actually stick them/you can see us crossing things off the list as we go!  

Nibbles Pizza
 In Sheffield in Broomhill, there is a pizza place called 'Nibbles' which really does do the best pizza. I've had it quite a few times with other people, but never with Tom before, and so I think this would be a really nice treat one evening together. 

 You might remember me mentioning Bloo88 a few weeks ago, as went there after our last exam for a celebration lunch! That was the first time I had been there, and I know Tom hasn't ever been there, so I'd really like to go again with him for a meal (and maybe a cocktail or two!). 

 Yes I know we only just went to play mini golf a few weeks ago, but we both really enjoyed it, plus I need a rematch as Tom won!

 With Sheffield being so close to the Peak District, we really should go and visit it more. We were going to about a month ago, but unfortunately by the time we got the bus (as it was late) we missed the train that we were going to get, and as the next train wasn't for another two hours we called it off. We normally go in a group, so it will be nice for just Tom and I to go out for a walk somewhere (and probably get lost!). 

Graves Park
 Among the many parks in Sheffield, Graves Park is one that has an animal farm within the boundaries. I've heard of people going here and really enjoying it, and as it's just a bus ride away I definitely want to make a trip out there one day!

 Okay so this is definitely one that we will be doing, as we have the tickets! Tramlines is a music festival that comes to Sheffield at the end of July, and there are events spread out across the city. Now I always liked the idea of a festival, but I knew that I would hate being in a tent that anyone could just come into, so the fact that I can go home to my bed in-between is a massive bonus. If you're interested to see, the full line up is here. Although it's not as big as say, Glastonbury, it'll be a nice step up from Gig in the Park that we used to go to in Halesworth (although it was small we did see Ed Sheeran play live here before he was famous!).  

Millennium Gallery
 The Millennium Gallery in town is a place that I always walk past, whether I'm going to the station, or the cinema, or walking about in town near the Crucible, yet I've never been in. It's free entry too, which leads me to question even more why I haven't been in! I think this will be perfect for one afternoon if the weather isn't very nice, but will get us out of the house for a few hours. 

Go out for Breakfast
 Going out for breakfast is one of those things that I always see on films, or on Made in Chelsea, and I just think yes, one day, I will actually get up and get ready and then go out for breakfast. Time-wise it will probably be more brunch than breakfast, but at least we'll have tried!

Go to Poland
 This is another definite thing that is happening. Tom and I are off to Poland for a few days in August to stay in Kraków which we are both looking forward to. Whilst we are there, we will be taking a trip to have a look round Auschwitz, as I think it is necessary to go to places like this, and learn more about the atrocities that took place, to ensure that they don't happen again. As I'm going to (hopefully) complete my dissertation on Holocaust Literature, I know that this experience will prove beneficial for that. We're looking forward to going to Poland as neither of us have ever been to the country before, and so it is sure to be a different experience. 

Go to Liverpool
 Tom and I have booked to go away to Liverpool for a few days at the beginning of September. Neither of us have ever been to Liverpool before, but my parents went last year and really enjoyed it. We haven't really looked to see exactly what we'll be doing yet, but, I do know that we'll be visiting the Central Perk Cafe! It's a replica of the cafe off of Friends, and so we just have to take a visit to it. 

Gelato Original
 If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that Gelato Original is not a new place for me. But, like Nibbles, both Tom and I have been, but never together. So, we decided that it was about time we actually went at the same time!

Watch a new TV series
 We watch quite a bit of TV, and Tom, Luke and I normally have a series going that we are watching, but it's always been that one of us has seen it, and so the other two are watching it for the first time. We watched True Detective (from Luke's recommendation) and now we are going through The Tudors series (my recommendation). When Tom and I watch Homeland we both absolutely loved it, and as neither of us had seen it before, we both liked to contemplate what could happen next. Has anyone got any recommendations of a TV series that you've been loving?

 This one we can tick off our list as we took a trip to Meadowhall last week! It's a massive shopping centre which we don't go to often as it's more of a place where we will go every 3-4 months or so, as it really is a day trip out as there's just so many shops to get round!

Ponds Forge Pool
 There's a swimming pool on the other side of the centre of the city, that we always go past on the tram. I'm not a massive fan of water, but I'll go swimming on the odd occasion. Tom however, is a MASSIVE water fan and loves all swimming pools/water rides. The Ponds Forge Pool has two slides that come outside and go in again, and so when Tom saw this he said that we needed to add it to our list. Just looking online I can see that a part of it is an international sized pool where you could do lengths, but when we go we would stick to the area where the slide is. From looking at the timetable I can see there are different fun sessions that you can go too- one with floats or one with waves- so we'll just have to decide upon one!

 When Tom and I first joined the gym, we used to play badminton quite regularly. However it's been months since we last played, and so we really need to go again. As we use the University gym, I think we'll be able to play more regularly, both as we have more time, and that most people will have gone home for the summer. 

Picnic in the Botanical Gardens
 When I went to Fancie on Ecclesall Road last week, it was the first time that I had been through the Botanical Gardens since first year. Last year Tom and I always used to walk through on our way to do our food shop, or we would go there for a walk as it wasn't too far away. However since we moved into our house, it's quite far away to just go for a half an hour walk, but I would really like to go back on a nice sunny day and have a picnic in the grounds like we used to. 

Walk along the river
 There's a part of the river that we always go past on the tram, but as it's quite far out we've never actually been down there. There looks as if there are a few little shops/cafes alongside it, and there's always quite a few river boats going along, so it would be nice to finally take a walk there on a nice day! (As this is near the Ponds Forge Pool, we could maybe tie them both in together).

Ecclesall Woods
 Looking on the tripadvisor page for 'Things to do in Sheffield', Ecclesall Woods is on the list and looking at the photos, it looks beautiful. This is quite far to get to by walking from our house, so I definitely think this will be a day where we feel like going out for a hike/going out for the day, rather than just a steady walk that would fill up a couple of hours. 

Alpaca Farm
 You may remember my blogpost from last September about my trip to the Alpaca Farm. We were lucky enough to go in Jade's car, but I know I saw on their twitter a while ago that there is now a bus route that goes past them, so I'll be able to take Tom to see them one day!

Day trip to York
 Tom and I went to York for our anniversary back in February, but for most of the day that we were there it rained! We both really enjoyed our trip away but I'd really like to go back for the day and have a proper walk around the walls, hopefully with an ice cream in hand!

 I chose this quote as although it encapsulates both our trips away, through going to various parts of Sheffield, we will explore and discover new things about the city that we didn't know before! I think it is safe to say that both mine and Tom's summer will be filled with things to do. Have you got anything nice planned for the summer months?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. Well, I am going to Malta for the first time on Tuesday. On my wish list would be to eat an ice cream in Florence again and have an Italian expresso, the best ever. Stand on the Great Wall of China, visit St Petersburg and Hobbit land! Obviously these will have to be done over a few years rather that this summer!! Xxxx


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