Sunday, 7 June 2015

I'm Back!

 Hello there! Wow it feels like it's been ages since I've been able to say that! How have the past two weeks been for you? As I'm back this means that I have officially finished 2nd year. All of my essays are handed in, my exam has been taken, and I'm thoroughly enjoying having spare time again. This spare time means that I can get back into my blog again, hooray! Now if you've read my blog for a long time you know that I have been having two posts a week; one on a Saturday that was my #52weeksofhappiness, and another post on a Tuesday. I'm going to change the dynamic to a Sunday and Wednesday to see how that goes, but I may always revert back to the old schedule! I haven't got any plans to have a dedicated tag for the Sunday posts; I do still want to do a 'what I've been up to this week' type post, but it will not always necessarily be this as some weeks aren't as busy as others!
 So, what have I been up to since my last blogpost? Well aside from essay writing and revision, there have been a few fun moments!

 I went to go and see 'Far From the Madding Crowd' at the cinema with Tom, Ross and Polly. If you didn't know already this is a film based upon the Thomas Hardy novel, and he is one of my favourite authors. I haven't actually read Far From the Madding Crowd, and so I enjoyed watching the story before reading it! I don't know if it's still out at cinemas, but if it is I highly recommend a watch! It stars Carey Mulligan who I absolutely love,  and it's such a well-shot artistic film, yet the attention isn't drawn away from the plot, rather it enhances it.

 To relieve stress over the exam period, I bought some colouring books online, and I found that taking 20 minute breaks to just sit and colour was really relaxing and I was able to switch off from working for that time. Even though my exams are over, I look forward to still using these, as the designs are so beautiful and I really enjoy taking the time out of my day to just sit and colour them in!

 Tom bought me some lovely roses and they lasted for absolutely ages! They really brought a smile to my face, and made me look forward to the summer months. 
 No I haven't been out and bought a new dog (I really miss Tilly!). The Union's Guide Dog society had a puppy day where you could go along and interact with some guide dogs and their owners/trainers. We went in and were separated into groups of 7 or 8, where we could talk to the owner/trainer and find out about the work that they do, and obviously say hello to the dog! This was such a nice break, as I'm really missing Tilly cuddles and I can't wait until I am reunited with her at the end of this month. 

 One of my favourite things to happen over the past two weeks, was going to Manchester and seeing the Foo Fighters live! Unfortunately it was the typical British weather and so was raining before they came on, but while they were performing it managed to hold off. It was so good to finally see them live- they were one of the bands that I always said I'd like to see live, and so I can now tick it off my list! At the time I didn't really realise how close we actually were to the stage, and we didn't know how many people were there, but after seeing an aerial photo of the stadium we had such a good spot! There were 50,000 people in total, which is one of the largest crowds I have been in for a concert (I'm used to going to the UEA in Norwich!).

 After our exam a group of my coursemates and I went to Bloo88 for some food! I'd never been here before, but the pizzas were really nice, and this mocktail that I had was so refreshing! It's called the 'Elderflower Sparkle' and is elderflower syrup with a bit of lemon and lime mixed with some soda. I don't think Tom has been here, so I'll have to take him there one day over the summer! As we're both staying in Sheffield for most of the summer, I keep meaning to make a to do list of things that we want to do- this will be on it!

 As Tom and I have been going through our alphabet dates, the one that I was really looking forward to was date 'P'. Now, for date 'N' we had a 'Nostalgic evening', where we tipped out the memories from a memory jar that I made Tom for our anniversary, and had a read through these and took a trip down memory lane! Date 'O' was my turn, and I really had no clue about what to do. In the end we watched a David Attenborough documentary entitled 'Ocean Deep' which was so interesting. I really do love watching nature documentaries. Now for 'P'. Tom's American flatmate from last year used to call mini golf 'putt-putt', and so this is what we went for! (The mini golf place in Sheffield is also called 'Paradise Island' so there was more than enough reason to do this for P). The courses are situated at the centertainment complex near Meadowhall, and it was so much fun. As it was a Wednesday afternoon it was really quiet, which meant we could take as long as we liked going round the courses. We opted to do both courses (why would you not?) and there was a jungle themed one upstairs, and a nautical one downstairs. This was such a fun date and wasn't expensive at all as we went in the off-peak time, and I definitely want to return again and have a re-match! (Unfortunately I lost- some holes were easy to get a good par on, but others had a lot of bumps in and so it was really hard!).

So aside from revising and essay-writing, I managed to do quite a few things! What have you been up to recently? Anything exciting?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. So lovely to see you back to blogs sweetie. I am having a brilliant weekend away and visiting places we couldn't do if we had the dogs with us. Plus the weather has been hot and sunny and getting us in the mood for our holiday in Malta. Love you lots Ms Tots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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