Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Origami Butterfly Decorations

 Hello there! For Christmas (I know it was months ago!) my parents bought me some authentic Japanese washi paper to use for origami, as they know that I'm really into my crafts. The sheets are 3x3 inches, and for this decoration I think you would be better of using smaller sheets like these, rather than making a square out of a sheet of A4. Any type of paper is fine- but ones with patterns and prints on are extra pretty! 
 Today I will be showing you how to create some simple, yet really pretty and effective butterfly decorations. I always love adding something new to my room, and this is so inexpensive and fun to do!

 So to start you will only need one square sheet of paper. Fold this in half both directly and diagonally both ways. 

 Once the folds have been created, push two side folds inwards, to create this shape.

 Once this shape has been created you need to fold the bottom corners to the top of the triangle- but make sure you only do this for one layer!

  Once you have completed both folds, flip the paper over and have the point facing you. Take the bottom of the triangle, and place it over the top line (as shown in image). Be sure to not fold the sides down, as the bend is what will create the butterfly shape! Fold over the point of the triangle, so that the top is a straight line. 

 Flip this over, and squeeze the middle together and you have a butterfly!  I think that these are really easy to make, yet look really complicated. Here you can see why I think patterned paper is better- all the different colours come together to create depth to the shape.

 You can put these up on a window, or on a wall, or anywhere really! It really is up to you. All I used to put them up was a little bit of blue tac, and they look so pretty, especially in the sunshine. I made a few more so that I could put them up in a group, and I think they look really effective all together, with all the different colours and patterns of the paper. 

 As I'm not moving house this year, I'm looking for new ways to decorate my walls, and change what I have had on them this year. If you have a go at making these, as always tweet me @jesslouisekeen! and if you have any fab DIY decoration ideas; please share them in the comments!

Love Jess xxx


  1. They look fantastic. Nice to see you having time to do some crafting xxxx

  2. Lovely Butterflies, still looks difficult.XXX


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