Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Crookes Valley and Weston Park

 Hello there! I have recently been enjoying walking through the many parks that Sheffield has to offer, and two that I walk through a lot are Crookes Valley Park, and Weston Park. You may remember my trip to the Weston Park museum from way back in the day, which you can view here if you missed it! 
 I do miss living in the countryside, with flowing fields and lovely walks only a stone's throw away, but as far as cities go Sheffield is the greenest (trust me, it's won awards for it and everything). I like to walk via the gym into Crookes Valley Park, and to then walk round into Weston Park. If it is a particularly nice day and I'm in no rush, I will leave for uni a bit earlier so I can take my time walking around both of these before I start my day. Over the bank holiday weekend Tom and I took a walk around the two, and of course I took some photos so you too can see what beautiful places they are!

Crookes Valley Park 
 Crookes Valley Park has a big lake in the middle, and a restaurant called the 'Dam House'. There's also a bowling green at the top. When I went to watch Shakespeare in the park it was held here, and I love walking under the path lined with blosson trees! I discovered there is a 'wild area', which is where I found all of the flowers (I think they're bluebells? Correct me if I am wrong). 

Weston Park 
 Weston Park also has a lake/pond (I don't know what the size has to be to constitute the difference) and what is really nice is that there is a dedicated 'duck area'. As you can see there was a group of ducklings which were so cute! You can also take a visit to the free museum and there are tennis courts at the back for use. As this is literally a two minute walk from the student's union, I like to come and sit in here when I have a gap between lectures!

Have you got any lovely parks near where you live?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. City's have such lovely managed parks. Those are bluebells sweetie. A lake is a large area of water fed by a river or the sea. A pond is a stand alone, topped up only by rain. I always love the colourful flower beds put in the spring/summer xxxx


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