Saturday, 16 May 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 52

Hello there! How are you? I must apologise for there being no blogpost on Tuesday. With assessments, revision and one thing or another, I just seem to be super busy at the moment. After today's post I will be taking a two and a bit week break as I don't want to send out half-hearted posts as I haven't got enough time, and so when I come back I'll be able to fully commit to posts that I have put time and effort into. 
 So today's post! It is my final #52weeksofhappiness post. A massive thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, comment and share my posts every week. I can't believe that my blog is now a year old! As you can probably tell, one of my favourite types of blogposts are 'A Trip to...' as I love being able to go somewhere and document my trip so that I can look back upon the photos and posts later on in the year. 'A Trip to Leicester', 'Cambridgeshire', 'Christmas at Chatsworth' and 'A Trip to York' are just a few of my favourites from the past year. 
 I've really enjoyed doing the #52weeksofhappiness, as it means my blog has become an online diary for myself, that I can look back on and see things that I have been up to, that I may have forgotten! I am still going to carry on doing a weekly themed post on a Saturday, maybe a 'My week in photos'? You will just have to come back and see! I've really enjoyed the experience of writing a blog for the past year, and I hope you've enjoyed reading all of my ramblings too. 
 So this last week! I was actually suffering with a cold last weekend, but by Tuesday this was gone which was good because as a society we went out for a committee handover meal to Pizza Express. Previous to the meal the old committee went out to Vodka Revs for a couple of drinks beforehand, where I had a 'Moscow Mule' which I have had previously and really enjoyed. Pizza Express is one of those places that I wouldn't really pay full price on a normal day, but on a Monday/Tuesday with a NUS card you can get 40% of the food bill! This means that you can have two courses that come up cheaper than your actual pizza would have been! 
 Tom and I had date 'M' this week. It was my turn to pick and so I chose 'Making cake'. We made 10 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter icing, and they must have gone down well as by the next morning they had all gone! I'm really enjoying these alphabet dates as it enables you to do different things as a 'date' rather than just going out for a meal somewhere (although there is nothing wrong with that!). 
 Last night I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 at the cinema. If you are a fan of the first one, you will absolutely love the second one! If you've never heard of them, where have you been? It's about an acapella group and their strive to win the nationals/the world championship. I'll admit it is very cheesy, but it's such a good light-hearted watch and was the perfect break from work! 
 This week was my last week in lectures/seminars and I can't believe that in two and a bit weeks I'll have finished my second year of University. I really don't know where the time is going! I am looking forward to being able to chill out and relax once everything has been handed in and completed, and being able to spend time on things that aren't course related!

What made you happy this week? See you in two and a bit weeks!

Love Jess xxx

Saturday, 9 May 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 51

 Hello there! How has your week been? I honestly don't know where these weeks are going, and next week will be my final #52weeksofhappiness post! Over the next few weeks, my time will mainly consist of essay reading/writing and revising for my exam. I will try and do a few fun things here and there so you have something else to read other than 'I've been writing essays'! This week coming is my last week in uni before reading week/exam period. I can't actually comprehend how I am nearly at the end of my second year- it doesn't seem 5 minutes since I was doing my A levels and worrying about whether I was coming to University or not. To anyone who is currently at university, or are sitting their A levels, all I can say is make sure you make the most of the opportunities given to you, as the years will fly by!
 Last Saturday we went out to Pop Tarts for Tom's 'birthday bash part 2'. As the election was coming on Thursday, the theme was 'vote tarts' which meant there were a lot of masks of politicians about. I can't actually express how terrifying it was seeing the faces of well known politicians dancing to the Spice Girls. Sunday was more of a relaxed day, and Tom and I finished off Homeland series 3! Now series 3 wasn't as good as series 1/2, but we still really enjoyed watching it. I'm now just waiting for Tom to order series 4! 
 Weather-wise the bank holiday was beautiful, but unfortunately I spent most of the day in the library! It's so typical that normally bank holidays have terrible weather, and on the one day where I'm going to be inside, it's gloriously sunny. In the afternoon as a group we went to Megan's to watch Moulin Rouge (which was required for one of our modules) and so although it was still technically 'working' it didn't feel like we were as we were able to sit down and have some snacks and watch a film. I've really enjoyed being able to incorporate film into my degree, as with literature you wouldn't normally expect that you could. 
 On Thursday Megan, Nicola and I went to watch a production of 'Henry V', that was a part of the University's 'Arts and Humanities Festival'. I had heard of Henry V, but I didn't know any of the plot line, and so it was enjoyable being able to watch a Shakespeare play that I hadn't analysed or read myself, and to watch it in the way it would have been accessed originally.

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Crookes Valley and Weston Park

 Hello there! I have recently been enjoying walking through the many parks that Sheffield has to offer, and two that I walk through a lot are Crookes Valley Park, and Weston Park. You may remember my trip to the Weston Park museum from way back in the day, which you can view here if you missed it! 
 I do miss living in the countryside, with flowing fields and lovely walks only a stone's throw away, but as far as cities go Sheffield is the greenest (trust me, it's won awards for it and everything). I like to walk via the gym into Crookes Valley Park, and to then walk round into Weston Park. If it is a particularly nice day and I'm in no rush, I will leave for uni a bit earlier so I can take my time walking around both of these before I start my day. Over the bank holiday weekend Tom and I took a walk around the two, and of course I took some photos so you too can see what beautiful places they are!

Crookes Valley Park 
 Crookes Valley Park has a big lake in the middle, and a restaurant called the 'Dam House'. There's also a bowling green at the top. When I went to watch Shakespeare in the park it was held here, and I love walking under the path lined with blosson trees! I discovered there is a 'wild area', which is where I found all of the flowers (I think they're bluebells? Correct me if I am wrong). 

Weston Park 
 Weston Park also has a lake/pond (I don't know what the size has to be to constitute the difference) and what is really nice is that there is a dedicated 'duck area'. As you can see there was a group of ducklings which were so cute! You can also take a visit to the free museum and there are tennis courts at the back for use. As this is literally a two minute walk from the student's union, I like to come and sit in here when I have a gap between lectures!

Have you got any lovely parks near where you live?

Love Jess xxx

Saturday, 2 May 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 50

 Hello there! How are you? And how has your week been? This week, as always, has been busy. A lot of my time is now being taken up with assessments and reading for them, but I have managed to squeeze a few fun things in here and there! 
 I spent Sunday afternoon making Tom's birthday cake, as it was his birthday on Monday. I made a 'Fudgy Chocolate Layered Cake', which is what I always tend to have for my birthday, as it is my favourite. I had never personally made it before, but it turned out well! As Monday was Tom's birthday, after our lectures had finished for the day I took him to Prezzo's for tea. On our way down there, we took a walk through Ranmoor and I hadn't been there since I worked over intro weekend! It was so strange going back to somewhere where I used to live, but knowing that all of the people currently there were strangers to me. It was a really nice nostalgic moment and memories of first year came flooding back. Tom and I hadn't been to Prezzo's in ages, and the menu had changed! We used to have the bread board to share as a starter, but unfortunately they had taken this off the menu, so we had garlic bread with mozzarella to share. We both went for a VIP pizza (I ordered one so I knew I could have some left over for lunch the next day), Tom had a Margherita with added ham and chicken, and I had the tropicana with added chicken. The waiter seemed quite shocked that we didn't want to see the dessert menu, but we had to go back home so we could have some cake! 
 Wednesday evening saw Tom's 'birthday bash part 1' (part 2 is today at Pop Tarts!) where he and a group of friends went to Corp for a night out. Before this though, Tom, Luke, Jacob, Will and I went for tea at The Ball pub. On Wednesday's they have a deal on curries, so it would be rude not to wouldn't it? After tea we headed to BarOne (the union bar) for a few drinks with the group who eventually made their way to Corp. 
 On Thursday evening Tom and I had a chilled night in watching Homeland. If you've been wondering about what happened to our alphabet dates, do not fear, we are slowly carrying them on. I think the last time I mentioned them, was just after we had gone ice skating. For 'J' we had a Jazz night, which essentially meant we found a jazz playlist and clicked our fingers a bit in Tom's room! And for 'K' we did karaoke (not in public) where we each picked a duet, which meant I could finally get Tom to sing 'Love is an Open Door' from Frozen again! I'm currently waiting for Tom to organise L (I'm hoping for laser quest!).

Ranmoor <3

I met the loveliest cat the other day!

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx
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