Saturday, 18 April 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 48

 Hello there! How has your week been? I swear these weeks are just going by quicker and quicker! This week was my first one back at uni after the Easter holidays, and now the holidays seem like forever ago. On Sunday I went to the gym in the morning, and in the afternoon I went to visit Phoebe, Alice, Katie and the rest of their house for a few hours which was lovely as I hadn't seen them in ages.  As usual the rest of the week was spent getting back into lectures and seminars, and I'm now in the position where I need to make a decision over which modules I want to take next year- I can't believe this has come round already! Unlike most other English courses at Universities, I don't actually have to take a dissertation as it's an optional module, and I honestly don't know whether I want to take one or not. It obviously is good that you have the choice of whether you would like to do one, but in  a way I wish someone would just tell me if I should do one or not! (I even resorted to looking online at a magic 8 ball). I have a week to make up my mind, so this time next week I will know my final decision! 
 Wednesday was a fairly busy day, as after lectures Reesha and I went for a catch up at the new gelato place in town! (Now that I know where it is I'll be going all the time). We both had a chicken bagel, which was followed by a 'chocolate madness' waffle. With all of the waffles you were able to choose what flavour ice cream it came with, and they accidentally brought me vanilla rather than mango, so I had two scoops in the end! The waffle had a layer of nutella, with cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce on top. It was honestly so good. In the evening I went to the club night Itchy Feet at Leadmill, which I mentioned a few weeks ago- if you missed that post it's a night where they play jazzy type music and everyone gets dressed up (and it doesn't happen on a regular basis, I think the one I went to before was in February). This was really fun and they had a live band perform. One of the band members was playing what seemed to be a metal washboard, and I just thought, how does someone discover that they have that talent? Do they just pick up a washboard one day and discover they can 'play' it?

The blossom is finally out and is so beautiful!

The gelato place used teapigs teabags- they were just so fancy!

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx

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