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The A to Z of Me Part One: A-M

 Hello there! This post is going to be in two parts, as it is going to be an 'A-Z of Me' and I thought it might ramble on for too long if all 26 letters are within one post! I have had this blog for a while now, and I thought it would be nice if you got to know me a bit better!

 A for me is Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season of them all; don't get me wrong, there are good aspects to the others, but for me Autumn is the best. I did do a post a few months ago about some of the reasons why it is my favourite, which you can read here. I love wearing jumpers, and feeling all cosy when I go outside. 

 I study English Literature, so obviously I love books. I was brought up to love books, which allows me to thoroughly enjoy my degree! I did a post about the 10 books that left an impression on me, which you can read here! There are so many books that I love, and I really hope that one day I can have a library in my house *hint to Tom*. Now I do have a kindle (some people seemed to shun for me doing so) but for things like the classics it's so good as they're all free! It's also great when you need to travel, as you don't need to carry a massive book with you. I still love to have a book in my hand, but don't knock it 'till you've tried it!

I bought these the other day to try and read something that wasn't on my course-3 paperbacks for £10 on Amazon!

 For C, it had to be Chatsworth. This is my all time favourite country house to visit, and no matter how many times I go, I just fall in love with it more and more. The gardens are beautiful, and I love going at different times of the year to see the progression of both the exterior and the interior of the house. If you can, go at Christmas as they decorate it with a different theme every year!

 I am a massive dog lover and I always have been. Before I was born, my parents had a Yorkshire Terrier called Zoe, and there's a home video of me crawling after her waving an aero wrapper! Apparently she didn't like me (and if the aero incident is anything to go by I can see why) but she was protective of me. What I class as our first family dog, was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Cassie, and I think I was in Reception when we got her. We then got another Cavalier 5 years later, (Mitzi) who is still with us today! Before we got Cassie, I always loved spending time with my Nanna and Grandad's Cairn Terrier Bonnie- there's a photo of us both standing on the couch and looking out of the window together! As I got older and went to school, I always used to wave goodbye to my Mum and Dad as they went off to work, and she used to climb up to the window with me too. 
 Of course now I have Tilly! I got her for my 18th birthday, and I have my Mum's Aunt and Uncle to thank for, as when my parents were deciding what to get me, they said 'is there anything that she has always really wanted'. As soon as I could talk, every Christmas and birthday I always asked for a puppy. I'm looking forward to after uni where Tom and I can move into a different place, and have Tilly with us!

This is Tilly a few days after we got her. HOW CUTE WAS SHE??

 I'm not going to lie, I struggled with this letter. Whenever you think of the letter E, all you ever seem to be able to think of is Elephants. So, with this in mind, I decided to use this as my word and share a story with you! Not that I can actually remember it as I think I was about 2 at the time, but I went to Colchester Zoo with my Mum, Aunt and Cousin, and was apparently astounded when I saw the elephants. I think it was probably because I'd never seen anything that large! What I do remember thought is that a few years later, I went with my Nanna and Grandad and I got to feed them! I think they're such a clever and interesting animal, and I'd really like to see them in their natural habitat one day.

 I of course love my actual friends, but this is dedicated to the programme. I don't know how many times I've watched it now, but I love it. After watching it every night on E4 for who knows how long, they then took it off their channel. I know it moved over to Comedy Central, but as we don't have SKY TV I am unable to watch it on there! I bought myself the box set last year, and loved going through it again! One of the posters on my wall is entitled 'Everything I Know in Life I Learned from Friends' and if you're a fan like myself you'll enjoy reading through the list! I have found this blogpost where someone has listed them all, so make sure to have a read through.

 Now you might not know this about me, but I love playing games. I do like board games, but from a young age I have also loved the electronic sort. My Nanna had a CDI machine, and I loved playing the Alice and Wonderland game with her (although part of it was tricky, as if you got stuck you had to start the game all over again and this was after getting about 70% of the way through!). My favourite games will always be the Spyro series on the original Playstation. We still have it to this day, and I never get sick of playing them. We also had a gamecube/game boy advance, and we still have a Wii and I have a 2DS. (I did have a DS lite, but I wanted to play the new games!). I love playing Animal Crossing, and all of the Nintendo games, and Tom and I love playing Mario Kart together. (He used to be terrible at it, but then got the game himself and somehow became amazing). 

 When I was younger I had two Syrian hamsters, and two dwarf ones (not all at the same time). Those people who are able to take out their hamster and have it play with them are very lucky people, as all mine ever wanted to do was bite me. My first Syrian hamster was called Polo, and one day managed to escape and chewed a hole in my curtain! I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was on the floor next to me so I had to go and get my mum to capture it. I knew it was getting old when it actually let me pick it up and didn't try and bite me!

Ice Cream
 I love ice cream. My favourites are: Ben & Jerry's (Phish food), cola floats (cola with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top) mango sorbet (although I think I might be allergic as it can make me cough) and I always loved getting the Tom and Jerry ice lollies! (I think these were basically just a strawberry flavoured ice lolly, in the shape of Tom and Jerry).

 Weirdly this goes with my last letter: ice cream. I love jelly. My all time favourite jelly is the pineapple flavoured one, but this is hard to come by. I actually found some at the weekend, in the 'Roys of Wroxham' shop in Beccles, and I had been looking for some for aaaaages. I always look in the supermarket, but nowhere seems to really stock it. Otherwise, I just go for the strawberry one. I like it plain, but I also like to put in some tinned fruit while it's still in it's liquid form!

Kitty cats
 Okay so I've cheated a bit on this one, but you'll let me off won't you? I love cats. I think they're hilarious. Hours can be spent simply searching 'cat videos' on youtube. My favourite is 'Thug Life' cat which you can watch here. I don't know that I'd ever want to own a cat, as I know they can be really picky and aren't always one for cuddles (plus my mum is really allergic!) but I love seeing them out and saying hello/visiting people that have them.

 Okay so this was another letter I struggled with! In the end I went with 'lights' but I of course mean fairy lights! I love having fairy lights hanging up as they make a room seem just that extra bit cosy. Last year we weren't allowed to have them up in Halls, but this year I have them both on my desk and above my bed! I love putting them on in the evening, and looking outside and seeing the dark/cold but being all snug inside!

 I am a big fan of music. I'm one of those people who needs music to do work too-I can't sit in silence! I like a wide variety of music, and I have mentioned a few that I have been loving lately in my last few monthly favourites posts. I'm going to see the Foo Fighters in May with Megan and Tom and I am so excited! They were the one band that I always said that I would like to see live, and I thought I'd take the chance now as I didn't know when/if it would come around again!

So there is the A-M of me! Make sure to come back next week for the rest of the letters!
Why not have a go at making an A-Z of yourself? It's harder than you think it might be!

Love Jess xxx


  1. I love FRIENDS!! It's a really great show and I thought it was very realistic, in terms of what happens in life and stuff. It's very inspiring in a way as well. I love your posts btw!! :)


    1. That's so nice of you to say- thank you! I know, Friends really is one of those programmes that I feel most people can relate to in one way or another! :) xx


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