Friday, 6 March 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 42

 Hello there! Now I know what you're thinking: hang on, it's not a Saturday, so why is there a #52weeksofhappiness post?? The answer to that is Kirstie is coming up from her uni to visit me, and I wanted to be able to spend time with her! Next week's #52weeksofhappiness post will also be appearing on the Friday as I'm away for the weekend! 
 I know you're all thinking whether I made it Norwich with all the traffic to catch my train, and ironically there was no traffic at all! When I arrived at the train station, after saying goodbye to my parents, I went for a coffee in the cafe. Whilst I was sitting in the cafe, the train arrived in from Ipswich and all the fans were singing! On my train back I managed to finish the book that I had been reading 'Time's Arrow' by Martin Amis. It's about someone who dies, and then his soul (?) lives the life backward with him. It was a really interesting read, and I enjoyed the different structure that it took, as for what was the past for the reader, was actually the character's future.
 Monday saw a return to lectures and seminars, but in-between these I met up with Will for a coffee (in Interval- where else?) and after our lecture Megan and I went to Nosh where I had pancakes! (I will definitely be going back- especially on my birthday as you get free pancakes). I made another return to Interval for a meet up with some of my flatmates from last year and on Wednesday I went for lunch with Rachel where I had a chicken fillet burger with a sweet chilli sauce and fries. I bet you're thinking that must be all the coffee/food meet ups I had right? No. I went for a coffee with Reesha on Thursday where I had a Chai tea latte, with a malteser brownie that was to die for. Now in my defence, they all meet up for a group coffee regularly, but it's at a time when I have a lecture in a different module, so I have to make sure I still see everyone too!
 One thing that did not make me happy this week, was that as I walking down to the Union for a meeting, I fell over! I had been carrying a cup of tea (which I had luckily drank) in a thermal take away cup that I got from Disneyland a few years, but luckily this didn't break. I did manage to tear a hole in my jeans, so I just need to do it on the other leg and I'll be fashionable with my ripped jeans!
 I Jess, went to a football match this week. That's right. You heard (or read?) correctly. I went with Tom to Leeds, to see them play Ipswich (Tom's a massive Ipswich fan). I have been to a couple of games before, but never to a proper league one. The Leeds fans were a bit terrifying, but I think if you go to any game as a part of the away side, the home side are going to seem a bit scary! Unfortunately Ipswich lost, but it was an experience to hear all the singing. I didn't sing, but I tried to clap when they did. It was alright apart from I WAS SO COLD by the end of it. I sent my friend a text saying 'I've forgotten what it's like to be warm' and I really had! Luckily I am now all warmed up, and today it was actually a nice day that didn't need a big thick winter coat! I hope this is a sign of things to come. 

The smiles before they lost

I can't wait for it to be spring!

What made you happy this week? 

Love Jess xxx

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  1. You are certainly making the most of your time. Love you xxxx


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