Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Few of My Favourite Inspirational Quotes

 Hello there! If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I like to insert a good quote every now and then. On part of my wall I have a big display of my favourite quotes, which I can look at daily in the hope of inspiration. I thought that for today's post I would share a few of my favourites with you!

 Now I'm not actually one for riding a bicycle. I used to really enjoy it until I fell off one into a ditch and broke my arm, but that'll be a story for another time. Although I don't ride a physical bike, I like this metaphor as within life you need to keep moving to stay balanced, otherwise if you fight against life carrying on, you won't be able to keep 'riding' as it were.

 For me this is simply: Look for the good things in life. What might seem like darkness can produce brightness.

 I really like this analogy of life being like a camera. The main message for me is 'take another shot'. Something may not work out the first time you try, but this doesn't mean that you should give up. 

 This is like the other quote I have mentioned about the darkness. However for me this one has more emphasis upon feeling grateful, and that if there is a dark moment within your life, this is when you truly see those things that shine in your life.

I used this quote for my 1st wish list of places that I would like to travel to, and you can read the original post with this link. Life is like a book, to discover your own 'plot' you need to go out there and see the world. I don't think this necessarily means having to go to different countries- why not try exploring your own? You don't know what amazing places you can find and memories you can create at 'home'.

Again, I used this quote for a blogpost, this time my 'Saying Yes' one which you see via this link. I explain my point there a bit more, but a lot of the time, I can come to overthink something, when I should just go for it and say yes. If I do that, I'll do more and experience more.

 This image for me shows that you need to leave the darkness to reach the light. The darkness in this sense is fear, and the light comes to represent the opportunities that can happen if you face this fear. I did a post on which I look at this more in depth and you can see it via this link.

 This was one of the first quotes I used for one of my blogposts and you can see by following this link. However bad life may seem, there is always something that is good, and if you focus upon this you can move forward in life.

So there are some of my favourite quotes! Are there any that you love?

Love Jess xxx


  1. Those we love don't go away
    They walk beside us every day,
    Un-seen, un-heard, but always near
    Still loved, still missed and very dear

  2. awwww they are all such inspirational ans gorgeous thoughts!
    xx, Miriam


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