Saturday, 21 February 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 40

 Hello there! How has your week been? How are we up to week 40 already? I just had a look back at when I posted my first blogpost and this blog will be 9 months old on Monday!! Thank you to everyone who takes time to read my rambling posts, it really does mean so much to me. I am still thoroughly enjoying being able to do this, and coming up with new blogpost ideas. I look forward to the next 9 months!
 Now onto this week! Aside from reading/going into lectures and seminars, I of course have had a few coffee visits in here and there. On Monday I went for lunch with Megan as it seemed like forever since I had properly spoken to her! We went to Interval and we both had wedges (she had cheesy ones) and they honestly do the best wedges at the uni! I returned to Interval on Wednesday for a catch up with Rachel and Will (I really should take shares out in Interval or something, I go there enough!) and this time I just had a caramel latte. I've noticed recently this blogpost has literally been 'I went for coffee here this week' but it's always so nice to meet up with people for a proper chat outside of lectures or seminars!
 On Wednesday evening I went with a group of friends to 'Itchy Feet'. Now I know this sounds a bit strange, but it's a travelling club night, that is filled with jazzy music and everyone gets all dressed up! I really enjoyed it but unfortunately I had to come home early as I felt poorly and was struck down with a cold. Thursday became a duvet day, which meant I could catch up with The Great Comic Relief Bake Off- have you been watching it? I can't decide if some of the celebrities are told to burn/make a mess of things, or are just generally that bad! I gave myself the day off from doing anything Thursday and allowed myself to have a rest (luckily too as the weather was horrible outside!).

Even though I had to leave early, I loved getting all dressed up and seeing what everyone else was wearing!

What have you been up to this week? And what made you happy?

Love Jess xxx

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